Various Artists / People Take Warning! Murder Ballads & Disaster Songs 1913-1938
Album:People Take Warning! Murder Ballads & Disaster Songs 1913-1938 Collection:General
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Album Review
Don Farrell
Reviewed 2012-01-17 
People Take Warning [Disc 1] - Man Vs. Machine [COLL] GENERAL
VARIOUS ARTISTS Murder Ballads & Disaster Songs 1913-1938
American Roots music, Long gone sounds & voices when ballads told the recent news. some songs have pops & clicks.
1: 3:14 slow to mid, male voc, twin guitars about the Titanic
2: 2:54 slow to mid, male voc, train wreck
3: 3:22 mid to slightly faster, jug band with harmonica, retooling of John Henry
4: 3:32 slow, written day after crash of USS Akron, slow to mid, fiddle
5: 3:06 mid to slightly faster, accident trying to hop a freight train
6: 3:31 a cantor sings about the Jewish loss of life on the Titanic, slow
7: 3:00 slow, fiddle "come all ye" style vocal railroad collision
8: 3:18 slow to mid, about Will Rogers & Willey Post plane crash in Alaska
9: 2:53 two brothers sing about the Titanic 25 years later. slow to mid
10: 3:17 slide guitar, male voc. about train derailment, slow
****11: 3:08 mid tempo, great guitar & male vocal, Kassie Jones Part 1
****12: 3:04 mid tempo, great guitar & male vocal, Kassie Jones Part 2
13: 3:16 mid to slightly faster, guitar & harmonica sung by Kentucky Carver family
14: 3:49 slow to mid, Victorian sentimentality about the Titantic, slow to mid
15: 3:26 fiddle & guitar, almost a PSA "look both ways at railroad crossings", slow
16: 2:37 "Wreck Of The Old 97" put to a truck driving song, slow to mid
17: 2:26 mid tempo song about railroad brakeman
18: 2:38 slow, guitar, derailed train song
19: 2:49 slow, about Greyhound bus & open drawbridge
***20: 3:30 mid to faster, Titanic narrative
21: 2:49 mid to slightly faster, Casey Jones, fiddle & guitar
22: 2:59 mid to faster, fiddle & guitar, about plane cash that killed Knute Rockne
23: 3:14 mid tempo, Titanic song guitar autoharp & harmonica
*****24: 2:57 mid tempo, tambourine & guitar, gospel/spiritual, wailing vocal

People Take Warning [Disc 2] - Man Vs. Nature [COLL] GENERAL
1: 3:08 mid tempo, guitar, about flooding of the Mississippi
****2: 3:04 12 string guitar, narrative & blues verses, slow
3: 3:00 crossed tune fiddle, story about boll weevil, slow
4: 3:06 great lap steel guitar, about boll weevil, mid to faster
5: 3:27 slow, fiddle & guitar story about prison fire
***6: 3:04 fast rocking gospel/spiritual, wailing vocal about Memphis flu
7: 3:22 mid tempo, fiddle & guitar, mine explosion
8: 3:02 mid tempo, fiddle & guitar jagged waltz time, about Miami storm
***9: 3:13 mid to faster, male vocal guitar, Memphis Minnie guitar 1927
10: 3:18 slow, guitar & vocals, recorded while rescue efforts were underway during 1929 Alabama flood
11: 3:03 mid to faster, guitar & male vocals, about school fire
***12: 3:07 foot stomping & guitar, raspy vocal on 1927 Mississippi flood part 1
***13: 3:06 foot stomping & guitar, raspy vocal on 1927 Mississippi flood part 2
14: 3:03 slow to mid, guitar, cyclone destroys a schoolhouse
15: 2:53 slow to mid, banjo & guitar, mine disaster
16: 3:20 slow, guitars & wailing vocal about drought
17: 3:12 mid to faster, guitar & vocal, Baltimore fire
18: 3:15 mid to faster, guitar, about Tennessee tornado
***19: 3:14 lots of noise, GREAT vocal by Son house, guitar, slow
***20: 2:57 slow, fiddle & guitar, about 1928 Santa Barbara Earthquake
21: 3:29 slow to mid, guitar, death of Floyd Collins
22: 2:34 slow, fiddle & guitar, Puerto Rico hurricane
***23: 3:00 mid to faster, guitar, harmonica, about boll weevil
***24: 3:14 gospel/spiritual, guitar, flood of 1927

People Take Warning [Disc 3] Man Vs. Man (And Women, Too)
1: 3:24 fast banjo picking & vocal
2: 3:07 slow banjo & vocal
3: 2:24 slow to mid
4: 3:09 slow, fiddle & guitar
5: 3:27 slow guitar
6: 2:54 clawhammer banjo playing, vocal, mid to faster
7: 3:00 mid to faster, guitar and great vocal
****8: 3:03 mid to faster "Frankie & Johnny", guitar & fiddle
9: 3:00 mid tempo,guitar & harmonica, Lindbergh kidnapping trial Part 1
10: 3:05 mid tempo,guitar & harmonica, Lindbergh kidnapping trial Part 2
***11: 2:51 Cajun fiddlers, a ballad
****12: 3:53 two finger banjo picking & vocal
****13: 2:37 mid tempo "Stack O' Lee"
****14: 3:11 mid tempo fiddle & guitar "Tom Dooley"
15: 3:37 waltz time strumming & vocal
16: 3:11 fast banjo & vocal
17: 3:00 slow about Lindbergh kidnapping
18: 3:08 mid tempo fiddle, banjo, guitar & vocals
19: 3:06 slow, fiddle, great harmonica & vocal
20: 3:11 waltz time strumming & vocal
****21: 3:30 nice finger picking guitar, vocal
****22: 3:13 guitar & fiddle with vocals

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1.Hi Henry Brown, Charlie JordanTitanic Blues
2.Skillet Lickers, TheWreck Of The Old 97 [Riley Puckett]
3.Birmingham Jug BandBill Wilson
4.Bob MillerThe Crash Of The Akron
5.Ernest StonemanThe Fate Of Talmadge Osborne
6.Cantor Joseph RosenblattEl Mole Rachmim (Fur Titanik)
7.Blind Alfred ReedThe Wreck Of The Virginian
8.Bill CoxFate Of Will Rogers & Wiley Post
9.Dixon BrothersDown With The Old Canoe
10.Cliff CarlisleWreck Of Number 52
11.Furry LewisKassie Jones Part 1
12.Furry LewisKassie Jones Part 2
13.Carver BoysThe Brave Engineer
14.Richard Rabbitt BrownThe Sinking Of The Titanic
15.Blind Alfred ReedFate Of Chris Lively And Wife
16.Paul Miles & The Red Fox ChasersWreck On The Mountain Road
17.Kentucky RamblersThe Unfortunate Brakeman
18.Riley PuckettAltoona Freight Wreck
19.J.E. Mainer's MountaineersThe Fatal Wreck Of The Bus
20.Frank HutchisonLast Scene Of The Titanic
21.Skillet Lickers, TheCasey Jones
22.Fred Pendleton & The West Virginia Melody BoysThe Wreck Of The Westbound Airliner
23.Ernest StonemanThe Titanic
24.William & Versey SmithWhen That Great Ship Went Down
25.Ernest StonemanThe Story Of The Mighty Mississippi
26.Robert HicksMississippi Heavy Water Blues
27.Fiddlin' John CarsonDixie Boll Weevil
28.Charley PattonMississippi Boll Weevil
29.Bob MillerOhio Prison Fire
30.Elder CurryMemphis Flu
31.Blind Alfred ReedExplosion In The Fairmount Mine
32.Fiddlin' John CarsonStorm That Struck Miami
33.Kansas Joe&Memphis MinnieWhen The Levee Breaks
34.Andrew JenkinsAlabama Flood
35.J. H. Howell's Carolina HillbilliesBurning Of The Cleveland School
36.Charley PattonHigh Water Everywhere Part 1
37.Charley PattonHigh Water Everywhere Part 2
38.Martin & RobertsRyecove Cyclone
39.Cap, Andy & FlipMcbeth Mine Explosion
40.Charley PattonDry Well Blues
41.Charlie PooleBaltimore Fire
42.Uncle Dave MaconTennessee Tornado
43.Son HouseDry Spell Blues, Part 2
44.Green BaileyThe Santa Barbara Earthquake
45.Vernon DalhartThe Death Of Floyd Collins
46.Carson Robison TrioThe Porto Rico Storm
47.W.A. Lindsey & Alvin CondorBoll Weavil
48.Elders Mcintorsh & EdwardsThe Flood Of 1927
49.Hayes ShepherdPeddler And His Wife
50.Earl JohnsonThe Little Grave In Georgia
51.Ernest StonemanKenney Wagner's Surrender
52.Kelly HarrellHenry Clay Beattie
53.Carolina BuddiesThe Murder Of The Lawson Family
54.Clarence AshleyNaomi Wise
55.Will BennettRailroad Bill
56.Dykes Magic City TrioFrankie
57.Bill CoxTrial Of Richard Bruno Hauptmann, Part 1
58.Bill CoxTrial Of Richard Bruno Hauptmann, Part 2
59.Dennis Mcgee & Ernest FrugeLanse Des Belaires
60.B.F. SheltonDarling Cora
61.Furry LewisBilly Lyons And Stack O' Lee
62.Grayson & WhitterTom Dooley
63.Floyd County RamblersThe Story Of Freda Bolt
64.John HammondPretty Polly
65.Bob MillerFingerprints Upon The Windowpane
66.Roy Harvey & The North Carolina RamblersThe Bluefield Murder
67.Ashley & FosterFrankie Silvers
68.Wilmer WattsFate Of Rhoda Sweeten
69.Willie WalkerDupree Blues
70.Dykes Magic City TrioPoor Ellen Smith