Shim, Meerenai / Sometimes The City Is Silent
Album: Sometimes The City Is Silent   Collection:Classical
Artist:Shim, Meerenai   Added:Aug 2011
Label:Shim, M.  

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Album Review
Reviewed 2011-08-16
[Coll]: Sometimes The City Is Silent / Meerenai Shim (flute, piccolo)
Label: Shim, self-produced

Larry K.
Reviewed: 2011-08-16

SOMETIMES THE CITY IS SILENT: M. Shim (Music of Bach, Bartok, Chaminade, Reinecke, et al.)
Meerenai Shim, self-produced, 2011

Ms. Shim, accompanied at times by a pianist or cellist, skips among historical times, beginning with CPE Bach’s (1714-1788) sonata for flute and basso continuo; the modern flute and cello duo, Entometido [Meddlesome] by Noah Luna (b. 1984), depicting a youthful courtship; Chaminade’s (1857-1944) Sérénade aux étoiles, Op. 142; Janice Misurell-Mitchell’s (b. 1946) Sometimes the City is Silent (commissioned for the National Flute Association in 2003), inspired by the skyline shape seen from a Greenwich Village apt.; an arrangement of several Béla Bartók (1881-1945) Romanian Folk Dances; Carl Reinecke’s (1824-1910) “Undine” Sonata (1882) for piano and flute; and, Ian Clarke’s (b. 1964) bluesy and rhythmic, Zoom Tube for solo flute (1999).

1. [6:59] CPE Bach: Sonata in G Major “Hamburger”. I. I. Calm, mellifluous,
2. [3:02] CPE Bach: Sonata II. Joyful gigue,
3. [5:57] Luna: Entrometido. Tapping intro, rhythmic strumming and bowing, breathy, restless piccolo, exchange mildly dissonant strophs.
4. [4:17] Chaminade: Sérénade aux étoiles, Op. 142. Sunny morning in Paris, all is well.
5. [5:29] Misurell-Mitchell: Sometimes the City is Silent. Playful, but not singable.
6. [1:09] Bartók: Stick Dance. Stately.
7. [0:32] Bartók: Sash Dance. Step lightly, gently.
8. [1:02] Bartók: Stomping Dance. Modal, modest pace,
9. [1:32] Bartók: Horn Dance. Modest melodic leaps, sad.
10. [0:37] Bartók: Romania Polka. Lively and gay.
11. [1:04] Bartók: Fast Dance. Again, lively and gay, dissonant.
12. [6:38] Reinecke: “Undine” Sonata. Allegro. Diatonic minor harmonies, arpeggios and runs evoke sea swells, fresh breezes, and grey cloudy skies
13. [3:49] Reinecke: “Undine” Sonata.. Intermezzo. Minor key, delicate dancing motif alternates narrating upward-moving tune.
14. [3:20] Reinecke: “Undine” Sonata. Andante tranquillo. A song of love.
15. [5:35] Reinecke: “Undine” Sonata. Finale. Surging seas, rising winds, a sense of longing, then the water nymph achieves peace.
16. [4:05] Clarke: Zoom Tube. In a London tube station, breathy jazz sounds grow into riffs punctuated by trains passing, and finally stopping.

Track Listing
1. [6:59] C.P.E. Bach: Sonata In G Major ?Hamburger?.   9. [1:32] Bartók: Horn Dance.
2. [3:02] C.P.E. Bach: Sonata Ii.   10. [0:37] Bartók: Romania Polka.
3. [5:57] Luna: Entrometido.   11. [1:04] Bartók: Fast Dance.
4. [4:17] Chaminade: Sérénade Aux Étoiles, Op. 142.   12. [6:38] Reinecke: ?Undine? Sonata. Allegro
5. [5:29] Misurell-Mitchell: Sometimes The City Is Silent   13. [3:49] Reinecke: ?Undine? Sonata.. Intermezzo
6. [1:09] Bartók: Stick Dance.   14. [3:20] Reinecke: ?Undine? Sonata. Andante Tranquillo.
7. [0:32] Bartók: Sash Dance.   15. [5:35] Reinecke: ?Undine? Sonata. Finale
8. [1:02] Bartók: Stomping Dance.   16. [4:05] Clarke: Zoom Tube.