Acoustic Blue / Timeless
Album: Timeless   Collection:Country
Artist:Acoustic Blue   Added:Sep 2011
Label:Biship Hill Records  

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Album Review
librae jackson
Reviewed 2012-09-25
Acoustic Blue/Timeless/Bishop Hill Records

Acoustic Blue's 5th album makes me want to go back and hear their first 4. In fact, it makes me want to delve more deeply into the country/bluegrass genre, in search of similar gems. This is a solid project by a very talented quartet, with an apparent affection for the environment whereof they are products. Whether reflecting on personal memories (Windmills, Nineteen Forty Ford, Hand in Hand) or telling stories that relate to where they're from (Around Here, We're Steppin Out Tonight), they paint vivid pictures in their music, giving the listener a tour of their world. The musicianship is skillful, yet playful. The lyrics range from humorous to solemn, but remain deep. The sound is simultaneously fresh and nostalgic.

Recommended: 1, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13

1. Windmills (2:53)
Upbeat, guitar-rich bluegrass, with a mellow, thoughtful tone. Poetic words, fondly recalling the long-lasting love between a husband and wife. Nice expressions of gratitude for family growth and sustenance, throughout the years.

2. In My Next Life (4:14)
Slow ballad. Not as cheerful as most of the other songs, as the subject matter deals with loss.

3. Love Bug (2:25)
Happy, danceable tune. Light-hearted lyrics about the inescapable love bug, with its unpredictable bite. "Nobody's ever seen it, but it's got the whole world shook up." Mandolin solo at 1:05, with a slight Hawaiian tinge.

4. I Don't Want to Know (2:58)
Slow ballad, with a somewhat depressing vibe, as lyrics express suspicions of infidelity.

5. Me and Jesus (3:16)
Not a Gospel song, despite the title. Still, a pleasant sounding ditty, with an uptempo groove. Nice guitar solos after each chorus.

6. Nineteen Forty Ford (3:07)
Pleasant country jam with simple, yet profound musings on how "life is like a truck."

7. New Love (3:08)
Starts with intense acoustic strumming. Nice lyrics that encapsulate the subject of new love.

8. Brand New Broken Heart (2:49)
Classic country blues, describing lost love. Mid-tempo cradle rock groove, with a nice acoustic bass bounce.

9. Around Here (2:41)
Another fun groove, where the singer gives advice to a city-slicking visitor from New York, on how to approach a woman of Southern gentility.

10. Rose Colored Glasses (2:53)
Slow country love song, from the perspective of an optimistic fool in love, who chooses to only see the beauty in a relationship, while ignoring the trouble signs.

11. We're Steppin' Out Tonight (2:54)
Cheerful folk song, with a ready-to-go party vibe. Fun, witty lyrics about preparing for a good time, even within meager means. Sung from the perspective of one who's appreciative (and proud) of everything he's got.

12. Sweet Sally Brown (3:07)
Upbeat and adorably sentimental song, from the perspective of a 5-year old boy who wishes that he was old enough for 17-year old Sally, "the prettiest girl in town."

13. Hand In Hand (2:40)
Mellow, mid-tempo love song, with sweet lyrics, celebrating the length and depth of a happy marriage. Lovely guitar solo at 1:15.

14. Six Feet Under The Ground (2:11)
Fast paced, with intricate strumming between choruses, as mandolin and banjo trade solos. Singer describes how he would rather be dead than lose his love.

- Librae Jackson (brother brae)

Track Listing
1. Windmills   8. Brand New Broken Heart
2. In My Next Life   9. Around Here
3. Love Bug   10. Rose Colored Classes
4. I Don't Want To Know   11. We're Steppin' Out Tonight
5. Me And Jesus   12. Sweet Sally Brown
6. Nineteen Forty Ford   13. Hand In Hand
7. New Love   14. Six Feet Under The Ground