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Dead Cops, Cop Killer

Album Review
D. Cannibal
Reviewed 2011-10-27
Abrasive, noisy, dirge-y rock with a sense of humor and a heavy guitar tone that would make Greg Ginn jealous. What sense of humor, you say? Maybe it wasn’t the band’s intention, but I find it pretty hilarious that they cover Crass, Black Flag, MDC, Judas Priest, Danzig, and uh… Sinead O’Connor… and yet it all sounds like Swans or Killdozer with Burzum vocals. Oh, they also cover “Cop Killer,” that song by Ice T’s “metal” band, Body Count. The original tunes are pretty cool too—they make me think of Fudge Tunnel if they didn’t have a bass player, and were also really drunk. This is the music your uncle would make (yeah, that uncle) when he forgets to take his lithium and his burnout high school friends bring their shitty guitars to his garage.

FCC: 15 (the Flag cover) “fuck”—there are probably other FCCs, but this is the only one that is actually discernible.
1. Starts with a sampled slam poetry snippet, then noisy clanging guitar rawk.
2. Droning, slow doom; screaming; schizophrenic drums
3. Sick, lurching, slow riff
4. Ibid.
5. A steady, slow, crushing beat crawls along with & without droning, dissonant guitar chords
6. Ibid + sample of dialog from old movie
7. “Cop Killer” cover—don’t worry, it doesn’t sound much different from the other songs here
8. MDC “Dead Cops” cover—if that song were on a 78 that was played on 33rpm
9. Boiling and simmering feedback and noise eventually leads into a solid, slow, pounding rocker—maybe the BEST TRACK but hard to say since there’s so little variation here
10. Sample of a speech from civil rights movement; then the slow crushing doom riffs come in.
11. An overwhelming surge of massive, pounding guitar and drums. This track might actually kill you.
12. Supposedly a cover of Judas Priest’s ballad “Here Come the Tears” but the only resemblance is in some strummed minor chords at the beginning
13. Swans covering Crass
14. Swans covering Danzig
15. Swans covering Black Flag—oh wait, they play it fast!
16. Swans covering… Sinead o’Connor? Lilting female vox laid over the droning and screaming

Track Listing
1. Always Waiting   9. Even The Saints Knew Their Hour Of Failure And Loss
2. Fails   10. Ruiner
3. Night Terrors   11. Sarin, How The Gods Kill
4. Empty   12. Here Come The Tears
5. Untitled   13. Do They Owe Us A Living?
6. Untitled   14. Tired Of Being Alive
7. Cop Killer   15. Police Story
8. Dead Cops   16. Black Boys On Mopeds