Glitter Wizard / Solar Hits
Album: Solar Hits   Collection:General
Artist:Glitter Wizard   Added:Nov 2011
Label:Captcha Records  

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Album Reviews
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2016-07-05
2011 CD re-released by Captcha records on 180 gram vinyl only (CD promo). Local rock with stoner and psyche elements swathed in classic rock Deep Purple Hammond organ, lending prog moments. Hawkwind or ELP even come to mind. Early Styx (like before they sucked ass). But heavy and raw, noisey. Great evolution for a band that's becoming a local pillar.

(note: we are using the original 2011 CD as the promo in the interest of space - thanks to D Cannibal for the original review; I reviewed this before I realized what was going on here)

1)* (3:29) head noddin rockin deep purple feel with tritone nod to sabbath 2) (6:03) FCCS big classic rock feel, gallop 3) (3:03) garage feel in the organ and upbeat driving, funny mean lyrics 4) (2:37) dark scary rock feel 5) (2:49) upbeat fun freaky psyche feel (did the guitar lead just riff Hwy Star?) 6)* (7:21) total driving glammy classic rock psyche complete with proggy flute and sax 7)* (7:19) prog feel how it goes double time after riff heavy noddin, organ and drums add to prog 8)* (6:10) sax in this drivin upbeat rocker that goes off the rails
D. Cannibal
Reviewed 2011-11-04
Wow, this record is just so much fun if you like anything about the 70s. Apparently a happy troupe of San Francisco hippies banded together with a simple yet brilliant idea: why not sound like Black Sabbath and Hawkwind while also being ridiculously catchy? And so a self-professed “stoner glam” band was born. Warbling space-rock synth, organ, violin, and even a saxophone and flute join in on the fun, while the traditional rock instruments pour out some groovy, bluesy riffs. Fans of more recent stoner metal bands such as High On Fire, Torche or the latest Melvins won’t be disappointed either—there’s plenty of post-Dopesmoker dirge, as well as a Black Flag influence noted in Your Imaginary Friend’s review of their 7” from last year (but of course, Flag after Ginn developed a taste for the trees), within the pop hooks and blatant 70s psych nostalgia. KZSU is lucky to have this record, and your life is incomplete until you play it.
FCCS on 2 and 3
(Yet another D. Cannibal review with no track highlights because every single song is fucking awesome)

1. (3:29) Pretty much sets the stage for how fucking awesome this record is. Hawkwind + Sabbath + euphoria
2. (6:03) Aggressive, hard rockin’, blues with amps at 11. FCC “shit”
3. (3:03) Unbelievably catchy blues-rock boogie with Blue Cheer meets Motorhead distortion. FCC “kiss my ass”
4. (2:37) Snotty midpaced punk rawk with cheap synth and organ
5. (2:49) Goofy garage rock organ with some major-key (yep, there’s the curveball) hard rockin’ beneath it. Deteriorates into a delightfully messy psych jam.
6. (7:21) Another upbeat track, yet somehow still dark and metallic. If Jim Morrison had lived to ’73 and ended up in the same castle where Sabbath was recording “Sabbath Bloddy Sabbath”, or if Tony Iommi had stayed permanently in Jethro Tull—totally irresistible prog rock bliss!
7. (7:19) Groovy psych rock/metal anti-war jam at various tempos. Just how self-aware is the Sabbath influence? They even use the phrase “war pigs”—though other parts sound like Saint Vitus at 45 or the Grateful Dead with overdriven amps.
8. (6:10) Upbeat power pop about having fun in the summer with organ, sax, synth, and yes—the guitars still with a stoner-rock tone.

Track Listing
1. Abaca   5. Snow Crash
2. Sacrifice   6. Mirror Man
3. I Don't Like You   7. Warsawng
4. Spider   8. Summertime