Tullycraft / Every Scene Needs A Center
Album: Every Scene Needs A Center   Collection:General
Artist:Tullycraft   Added:Nov 2011
Label:Magic Marker Records  

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3. Jan 26, 2012: American Beauty
Dracula Screams Of Tiger Style (Parts 1&2)
2. Apr 24, 2014: fried egg
The Punks Are Writing Love Songs

Album Review
Ashkan Eghtesadi
Reviewed 2012-01-09
Tullycraft is a name that can either be met with dread or glee depending on where you stand with the word "twee". One thing that's certain though is that they've become more able musicians as the years have passed, and this record from 2007 finds them at their most comfortable. Every Scene Needs A Center boasts a solid collection of indie pop tunes that all stay in the same lane for the most part. The lyrics have the trademark boyish charm Tullycraft is known for, and they're accompanied by a chorus of equally girlish female vocals. No FCC's detected. Try tracks 3, 5, 6, 11

1 2:58 Fast paced opener with a catchy hook, backing female vocals give the song an extra kick.
2 2:24 Also another fast paced song with backing female vocals, but there's a solo in the middle that leads to the song closing out with the hook repeating.
3 *2:47 Lead guitar sounds like it was lifted from a country tune. Interesting dynamics in this song, there's a definite hook but the .
4 3:41 Starts with a ukelele, segues into traditional indie pop tune (guitar/bass/drums). Slows down halfway through, builds steam
5 *3:15 Slow/fast structure, with the "slow" part consisting of minimal drumming and guitar, and the fast incorporating entire band. Female backing vocals throughout.
6 *7:25 This is Tullycraft's epic song. Orchestral elements, piano, multiple build ups and pay offs. Downtempo ending
7 1:59 Electronic song
8 2:40 Continuing with the electronic feel, very light hearted and bouncy track.
9 1:43 Moves away from electronics to acoustic guitar, hand claps, and another instrument I can't quite put my finger on (accordian, maybe?).
10 2:52 Tambourine spotted! Whew, it was close there for a minute. This song is along the same line of songs in the first half of the album, specifically track 3.
11 *3:31 Fun song, pretty solid pop tune. Regular guitar/bass/drum setup, female backing vox.
12 4:35 Electronic touches, guitar solo about midway.
13 2:57 Some horns throughout this song, the lead guitar adds some drama.
14 5:01 Slower paced, more introspective tune with some electronic fluorishes and a simple, thumping drum beat.

Track Listing
1. The Punks Are Writing Love Songs   8. A Cursed Miss Maybellene
2. Fangs On Bats   9. If You Take Away The Make-Up (Then The Vampires They Will Die)
3. Georgette Plays A Goth   10. Misgiving
4. Bored To Hear Your Heart Still Breaks   11. The Neutron
5. Clique At Night Vandals   12. One Essex Girl
6. Dracula Screams Of Tiger Style (Parts 1&2)   13. The Secret History Of Devil's Paw
7. The Lonely Life Of The Ufo Researcher   14. We Know You're Cute, You Told Us