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Sat Sep 23, 2006 6pm - 9pm 
Deathspell OmegaIIKenose / Anja Offensive
AgallochThe Grain
Ashes Against The Grain / The End Records
LakesSong Of Investment Capital Overseas
Zum Audio Volume 3 / Zum Media
Charles Engstrom And Christopher FleegerAdiabaticBarpieces / Ping Records
Hans Grusel's KrankenkabinetCrackle Box Duo Xmas Pageant
Happy As Pitch / C.I.P and Snse
Brian PosehnDork For Thirty Years
Live In Nerd Rage E.P. / Relapse Records
CoilAmethyst DeceiversEskaton 16 / World Serpent Dist.
16 Bitch Pile UpDiary of a FetusDiary of a Fetus / Live Sample
R.HY RauPoint of SeparationCalifornia Box Set / Tronix/RRR/Ground Fault
Sheep Song By JoshImprov liveOn / KZSU
Damion RomeroBad News Tell Ya Later!Bad News Tell Ya Later! / ERM
Cannibal HolocaustThemeCannibal Holocaust OST / ???
Andy Ortmann & Weasel WalterNice ThingsContradiction / Breathmint
Sunn0)))Cursed Realms (Of The Winterdemons)
Black One / Southern Lord Recordings
John Weisse??????? / ????
CromThe GatheringCocaine Wars 1974-1989, the / Pessimiser Records
CromHumiliate the CorpseCocaine Wars 1974-1989, the / Pessimiser Records
Lair Of The MinotaurJuggarnaut of MetalThe Ultimate Destroyer / Southern Lord
At War With Shadows884 Percent Machine
Truckstop Tapes, The / Hater of God Records
DeadseaCirclesDesiderata / Chrome Leaf
Teeth of the HydraSawing Through IceGreenland / Tee Pee
Nautical Almanac?????? / Psych-form
VertonenNobody WalksStations / Crippled Intellect
The Polly Shang Kuan BandSide ASplit with Smack Music 7 / Estatic Peace
16 Bitch Pile UpHairless WhispererHairless Whisperer / American Tapes
VertonenVentillatorStations / Crippled Intellect
FeberFull KontrollColl: Bloodstains Across Norway / Redrum
Donna SummerMacArthur Park (16BPU "S &S" re-mix)Mac Arthur Park / Cassabalanca