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Mon Aug 27, 2001 noon - 3pm 
8 Bold SoulsPachinkoLast Option /
Ulan BatorEtoile AstreEgo:Echo /
Zeni GevaBlastsphere10,000 Light Years /
Penguin Cafe Orchestra(endDisc.america)/PythOnLineUnion Cafe /
Coilheartworms[COLL]: Foxtrot /
CoilBeestingsSummer Solstice /
CoilChristmas Is Drawing NearWinter Solstice /
Steffan Basho JunghansSweet Moonlight RevelationsSong of the Earth /
Josepth HaydnSting 4tet DMin (op103) 2ndL'Archibudelli/SK 62731 /
David/Caine/Feldman SchwimmerThe BookstoreTheremin Noir /
Spaceheads and Max EastleyInterstellar Escalator
Time of the Ancient Astronaut /
Savage Aural HotbedSteel HopperStrain and Force Handbook, the /
Pauline OliverosWe Are not More Thinking AboIn the Arms of Reynols /
[coll]: Musicworks 79StaetikonMusicworks 79 /
Rokia TraoreSabaliMouneissa /
Fred FrithMinimalismClearing /
[coll]: Musicworks 79BlazzMusicworks 79 /
Ez Pour SpoutHeart Shaped Box
Don't Shave the Feeling /
Ez Pour SpoutKashmir
Don't Shave the Feeling /
Wolf EyesThese Girls of Mine
Wolf Eyes /
NebulaGiantCharged /
the LiesAccident & EmergencyResigned /
FenneszYear in a Minute, aEndless Summer /
[coll]: False Object SensorRah BrasFalse Object Sensor /
the Flying DutchmanBring It All DownPathfinder /
Anima Sound SystemIgaz SzerelemHungarian Astronaut /
I'm Being GoodAngels on Our ShouldersSub Plot /
TsolTerrible PeopleDisappear /
TwigsPhantonemesisEpicure /
My RuinEvening Prayer
A Prayer Under Pressure of Vio /
Asteroid No. 4Little FlowerKing Richard's Collectibles /
Starflyer 59All My Friends Who Play GuitLeave Here a Stranger /
Aroah320Cuando Termines Con Todo, Habr /
SecadoraFor Goodness Sakes
Little Pieces of Paper /
Herman DuneBy the Door of the TempleThey Go to the Woods /
Sig Transit GloriaLollarSig Transit Gloria /
Pussycat TrashPositive BombBrat Years: 1992-1995, the /
EmpressClaviollneEmpress /
K.TelegramNew Problems /
Blood GroupHoles in the SunEverything Forgotten Gathers /
Rick RuskinPlaces to HideWords Fail Me /
Mitch Greenhill + Mayne SmithDon't You See That TrainStorm Coming /
Pierce PettisCrying GroundState of Grace /