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Sat Mar 17, 2007 7pm - 9pm 
The Good GoodClouds
Furrows / Menlo Park Recordings
Dave SoldierWoke UpHip Hop Raskalz / Mulatta Records
X PlastazKutesa Kwa Zamu
Rough Guide To African Music For Children / World Music Network
RaooulSpirit of '78Raooul/Skinned Teens / Lookout Records
The AntarcticansA.D. Slaveship Crop
Teach Children: Fear All The Teaching Of Eternity/The Doom Of Self And Nature / The New Black
Vampire MoooseSnow Driver Engine
Serenade The Samurai / Rotten Records
UrgehalGathered Under The Horns
Goatcraft Torent / Southern Lord Recordings
CryptopsyKeeping The Cadaver Dogs Busy
Once Was Not / Century Media
The Berzerker"Y"
World Of Lies / Earache
Insect WarfareFreebase Diarrhea
Endless Execution Thru Violent Restitution / 625 Thrashcore
VoetsekInjustice Rock City
A Match Made In Hell / Six Weeks
OfficerfishdumplingsMy Theme Song
Finds Your Way Home / Notenuf
Tin HatBlind Paper Dragon
Sad Machinery Of Spring, The / Hannibal/Rykodisc
Tin HatBlind Paper Dragon
Sad Machinery Of Spring, The / Hannibal/Rykodisc
Roby Lakatos & EnsembleRomania
Klezmer Karma / Avanti Classic
Romica Puceanu & The Gore BrothersVintule, Bataia Ta
Sounds From A Bygone Age, Vol. 2 / Asphalt Tango Records
Pogues, TheWaltzing MatildaRum Sodomy and the Lash / Stiff Records
Jigme DrukpaLing Sho La
Rough Guide Himalayas / World Music Network
TeadaA Bhean a Ti Song
Rough Guide Celtic Music / World Music Network
ChumbawambaSmashing of the VanEnglish Rebel Songs 1381-1914 / Agit-Prop
Frank WrightUnity Part 1
Unity / Esp
Beat Furrer3. Szene
Fama / Kairos
Gary NolandBead-Eyed Bellygods
24 Postludes For Piano, Vol. 2 / North Pacific Music
Artur BalsamC.P.E. Bach - Piano Concerto In D Minor, H. 427 [Wq23], Mvt. 1
Concerto Album / Bridge Records
Alexander ScriabinPrelude, Op.11, No.14Composer As Pianist, The / Pierian Recording Society
Lori FreedmanDohseedoh
3 / Ambiances Magnetique
Hertta Lussu AssaNosrun Sydan
Women Take Back The Noise / Ubuibi
Helena EspvallCertainty Of The Neverseen
Nimis & Arx / Pax Recordings
Arnal, Jeff/Gordon BeefermanSplit Screen
Rogue States / Generate Records
Arrington De DionysoTundra: Moving Glacier
Breath Of Fire / K Records