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Sat May 05, 2007 midnight - 3am 
SaviorsHoly SlaughterCrucifire / Level Plane Records
Make Me!Oakland/San Franciscoit only hurts the first time / Make Me!

J. Davis Trio, theHindsight is awesome!These Things Happen / yo yo smuggler records
JONNY MANAK and the depressivesDown the Drainrebound town / Reach Around Records
The Long And Short Of ItAmerikan NightmareFlight Of The Mallard / Black Rabbit Rebellion Records
May Fire, theRed EyeRight And Wrong /
Cliftons, theEverybody Tells Me I'm A FoolTo The Bitter End Vol 2 / Vinehell Records
Texas ThievesDying of StressForced Vacation / Super Speedway Music
the Devil Makes ThreeOld no 7
Devil Makes Three, the / Monkeywrench
AirLa Femme D'argentMoon Safari / Source

Uni and Her UkeleleMy Favorite Letter Is UMy Favorite Letter Is U /
The New BloodsRitual
Demo / Self Release
The Bug PedalsContolemy
I Found My Own Slug / (No Label Information)
Love SongOvertureBehind Enemy Lines In G# Minor / New Disorder Records
Love SongHot ListBehind Enemy Lines In G# Minor / New Disorder Records
Angry SamoansI'm A PigInside My Brain / Triple X Records
The Fucking OceanAdam
Le Main Rouge / Double Negative Records
No Use For A NamePacific BellLet Em Out! / Slap A Ham
the Mae ShiHeartbeeps
Heartbeeps / 5RC
NeurosisLeft to Wander
Eye of Every Storm, the / Neurot Recordings

Black FlagJealous AgainEverything Went Black / Sst Records/New Alliance
VandalsUrban StrugglePeace Thru Vandalism / Epitaph
StranglersWalk on ByPeaches / Capitol Records Inc.
VoetsekWhite Ain't Right
A Match Made In Hell / Six Weeks
BigwigBoardumbStay Asleep... / Kung Fu Records
DwarvesBe A CavemanHorror Stories / Voxx Records
J. Davis TrioBreezayThese Things Happen / yo yo smuggler records
MelvinsThey All Must Be SlaughteredHonky / Amphetamine Reptile
Minutemen#1 Hit SongDouble Nickles on the Dime / SST
From Gutter with Love / Absolutely Kosher Records

StereolabContronaturaDots and Loops / Duophonic Ultra High Fs
KptmichiganDon't Time Fly?
Kptmichigan / Aesthetics
Coachmen, theThurston's SongFailure to Thrive / Ecstatic Peace
BigwigStand UpStay Asleep... / Kung Fu Records
Systems OfficerForever this Cyanide
Systems Officer / Ace Fu Records
The FallSystematic Abuse
Reformation Post T.L.C. / Narnack Records
Dead KennedysWe've Got A Bigger Problem NowIn God We Trust Inc / Alternative Tentacles
BattleshipYou Could Feel
Presents Princess / On/On Switch
CowsA OvenWhorn / Amphetamine Reptile
BeckOutcomeOne Foot in the Grave / K Records
the CriminalsGet Over ItNever Been Caught / Lookout Records
May Fire, theSorry's Not EnoughPlastic Army / Rock Whores Recordings
FypJerk OffIncomplete Crap / Recess Records

SaviorsRise To Pyramid FormCrucifire / Level Plane Records
The Long And Short Of ItThe Man That Time ForgotFlight Of The Mallard / Black Rabbit Rebellion Records
J. Davis TrioDo you mind if we dance wif yo dates?These Things Happen / yo yo smuggler records