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Sat May 05, 2007 8pm - 9pm 
Blue ScreamingGunpoint
Messthetics #101: D.I.Y. 77-81 London I / Hyped 2 Death
Strung UpClones
Public Safety / Maximum Rock-N-Roll
Verbal AbuseNo Thanx 2 U
No Thanx 2 U / Self
the AccusedFilth Hounds of Hades
Oh Martha! / Condar Records
Krum BurnsLa PlagaAs The Tide Turns / Tko Records
Behind Enemy LinesAs Fascism Takes Root
One Nation Under The Iron Fist Of God / Profane Existence
FlipperLifeGeneric / Def American (Alternative
the Soviettes9TH St.Lp / Adeline Records
Naked RaygunTreasonUnderstand? / Caroline
Sad Boy SinisterS.B.D.
Life And Death / Bomb Blast
Union Carbide ProductionsBorn In The 60'sFinancially Dissatified Philosophically Trying / Skyclad