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Thu May 10, 2007 6pm - 9pm 
Wendy AtkinsonGetting Caught
Pink Noise / Smarten Up! & Get to the
The AntarcticansA.D. Slaveship Crop
Teach Children: Fear All The Teaching Of Eternity/The Doom Of Self And Nature / The New Black
Skinny PuppyAssimilateRemix Dys Temper / Nettwerk Productions
Iron Point, the / Load Records
Judy DunawayThe Rubber Forest
Mother of Balloon Music / Innova Recordings
Fe-MailThey Look As Innocent As Newborn Lambs. The Sick Fucks.
Women Take Back The Noise / Ubuibi
Luciano FrankiniDraw Near
Best Memory, The / Kp
FunkstörungAxis Of Ignorance (Funkstörung Remix)
Appendix / !K7 Records
CeladonSisyphus Has Laid Down His Stone (Wodan Remix)
Post-Industrial Delicacies / Cd Baby
El-PSmithereensI'll Sleep When You're Dead / Def Jux
The Digital KillGentle
Stare / Self
AlvaAnniFair-Haired Guillotine / Avant
Rahim AlhajTaqsim Maqam Sika
When The Soul Is Settled: Music Of Iraq / Smithsonian/Folkways
Nurlanbek NyshanovJangylyk (Novelty)
Tengir-Too: Mountain Music Of Kyrgyzstan / Smithsonian/Folkways
Lori FreedmanDohseedoh
3 / Ambiances Magnetique
Northern CreeMac No More
Northern Cree & Friends, Vol. 5: Long Winter Nights / Canyon Records Production
MicrowavesSong X
Contagion Heuristic / Crucial Blast
Kk RampageInhaling The Stench Of Rotten Flesh
A Toast In Angel's Blood / Rampage Records
An AlbatrossTussin And Turnin' All Night
Blessphemy (Of The Peace-Beast Feastgiver And The Bear Warp Kumite) / Ace Fu Records
Comets On FireDogwood Rust
Avatar / Sub Pop Records
Big BusinessAnother Beautiful Day In The Pacific Northwest
Here Come The Waterworks / Hydra Head
The Atomic Bomb AuditionConfession Of The Kraken
Eleven Threatres / Hector Stentor
Blood Mountain / Relapse Records
Our Puzzling Encounters Considered / Metal Blade
Napalm DeathCircle of HypocrisyHarmony Corruption / Earache
UrgehalNefastus Nexnecis
Goatcraft Torment / Southern Lord Recordings
Amon AmarthWith Oden On Our Side
With Oden On Our Side / Metal Blade
MelecheshTouching The Sphere Of Sephiroth
Emissaries / Osmose Productions
The HeadsWe Are Not Free
Under The Stress Of A Headlong Dive / Alternative Tentacles Records
ObserversWhat A Let Down
Public Safety / Maximum Rock-N-Roll
Dry RibQuail Seed (Demo)
Messthetics #102: D.I.Y. 78-81 London Ii / Hyped 2 Death
ChumbawambaWorld Turned Upside DownEnglish Rebel Songs 1381-1914 / Agit-Prop
Cansei De Ser SexyAlala
Css / Sub Pop Records
ArtichokeSub-MissionNever Mind The Bollocks Here's The Sex Pistols / Green Records
Our Brother The NativeIntroduction - Welcome To The Avery
Tooth And Claws / Fatcat Records
The Robot Ate MeLynching LyndonSur La Mer Samp-La-Mer / Sur La Mer
The Old PrunesBully In The Alley
Rogue's Gallery: Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs, And Chanteys / Anti, Inc.
Esperanza SpaldingPerazela
Junjo / Ayva Music
Bull, Arthur/Daniel HeikaloTassez-Vous Donc!
Concentres Et Amalgames / Ambiances Magnetique
Beat Furrer3. Szene
Fama / Kairos