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Sun Jun 24, 2007 midnight - 2am 
Poison IdeaNation of FinksFeel the Darkness / American Leather Records
El DopaEdShit Gets Smashed / East Bay Menace
Rorschach21ST Century Schizoid ManGod's Chosen People / Old Glory Records
DystopiaBackstabberBackstabber / Misanthropic Records
In/HumanitySouthern SwastikaNutty Anti-Christ, the / Passive Fist
Guyana Punch LineS.S.B.Irritainment / Prank
Assfactor 4Goodies PowersSmoked Out / Old Glory Records
Former Members of AlfonsinPraxisFormer Members of Alfo / Phyte
PalatkaHome Is Killing MeNetwork of Friends Pro / Coalition Records
Crossed OutPracticed HatredCrossed Out/Man Is the Bastard / Slap a Ham
Crossed OutPure DelusionCrossed Out/Man Is the Bastard / Slap a Ham
Crossed OutSocietyCrossed Out/Man Is the Bastard / Slap a Ham
Crossed OutLowlifeCrossed Out/Man Is the Bastard / Slap a Ham
Crossed OutScapegoatCrossed Out/Man Is the Bastard / Slap a Ham
Crossed OutVacuumCrossed Out/Man Is the Bastard / Slap a Ham
PlutocracyRebirthSniping Pigz / Six Weeks
Kalmex and the RiffmerchantsLong Haul, theIt Goes to Eleven / Family of Resistance Reco
GodstomperVictims of the WorldGodstomper/Bizarre X / Tvg Records
WasteoidRivers of GoreTotal Pukeoid / Crop Circle
WasteoidButtTotal Pukeoid / Crop Circle
Heaven Shall BurnOpen Arms to the Future
Asunder / Lifeforce
Cave inMoral EclipseUntil Your Heart Stops / Hydra Head
HiretsukanCreeping Death
Invasive//Exotic / G7 Welcoming Committee
C AverageDark Harborunknown / unknown
Cavitytrack twoOn the Lam / Hydra Head
Zeni GevaAutobodyZeni Geva/Superunit / Skin Graft Records
GrotusLudditeLuddite / Spirit Records
Cerberus ShoalA Cloud No Bigger Than A Man's Head
Bastion Of Itchy Preeves / North East Indie Records
William Parker & Hamid DrakeSky
Summer Snow / Aum Fidelity
Monks Of DoomIn Anticipation Of The PopeSoundtrack To The Film "Breakfast On The Beach Of Deception" / Irs Records
Jimbo TroutDevilish MaryCatch Of The Day / Fishwrap Records