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Wed Jul 04, 2007 6pm - 9pm 
Schedule IiA Drug Free America
A Drug Free America / Ergot Records
CulturcideStar Spangled Banner/BruceTacky Souvienirs of Pre-Revolutionary America / Grey Matter
Frank Zappa and the Mothers OWho Needs the Peace Corps?We're Only in It for the Money / Rykodisc
Big City OrchestraThrowastickat
Comp Traz Ju05-Fe06 / None
Cabaret VoltairePremonitionThe Voice of America / Rough Trade
Patton OswaltAmerica retarded trust fund kid
222 / Chunklet
Immortal TechniqueThe Cause of DeathRevolutionary Vol 2 / Viper Records
Malcolm XTheres No Such Thing As a Non-violent RevolutionWisdom of Malcolm X Disc 1, Th / Black Label, Inc.
Children In Gas MasksSuccumb To Me
Necroanal E Children In Gas Masks / Smell The Stench
George CarlinMuhammad AliClass Clown / Little David
Enemy CombatantsMasters of War
Land of the Free / Standup!
King MissileAmerica Kicks Ass
Royal Lunch / Important Records
Rod & the Msr SingersRichard Nixon
American Song-Poem, the / Bar/None Records
Frank PahlScarred Mangled Spanner
Songs Of War And Peace / Acidsoxx Musicks
AvengersThe American In MeAvengers (12" 45) / White Noise

TsolAbolish Government/Silent MaStage Diving to the Ol / Restless Records
DOAAmerica the BeautifulWar on 45 / Alternative Tentacles
Shattered FaithI Love AmericaStage Diving to the Ol / Restless Records
Bad ReligionThe Voice of God is GovtHow Can Hell Be any Worse? / Epitaph
Stalag 13Violence in AmericaIn Control / Doctor Strange Records
Zero Tolerance Task ForcePatriots to a Dead Nation
Punk Rockery / Purple Hero Distributors
JfaMiddle America
We Know You Suck / Alternative Tentacles Records
RF7Lazy America
Addictions & Heartache / Puke N Vomit Records
GwarAmerica Must Be DestroyedAmerica Must Be Destroyed / Metal Blade

Eno, Brian + David ByrneAmerica Is Waiting
My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts / Nonesuch Records
Doctor BobDark Times
Dark Times / Edgetone Records
Ranjena Zvijer / Slusaj Najglasnije!
Test Dept51st State of AmericaThe Unacceptable Face of Freedom / Ministry of Power
CulturcideConsider Museums As Concentration CampsYear One / C.I.A. Records
People Like Us & Ergo PhizmizSoggy Style
Perpetuum Mobile / Soleilmoon Recordings
Swell MapsCamouflage Attack
Messthetics #103 D.I.Y. And (Very) Indie Post-Punk From The Midlands '77-81, Par / Hyped 2 Death
Bambi MolestersCharlie Brown Manson
Play Out Of Tune / Slusaj Najglasnije!
Al PerryAlways a Pleasure
Always a Pleasure / Addled
Greg BrownThe Poet GamePoet Game, the / Red House Records
Ray PriceCity LightsEssential, The / Columbia Legacy
Eleni MandellDon't Touch Me
Country for True Lovers / Zedtone

Squirrel BaitKid Dynamite7" / Homestead
Andy DickAnother Great Day For Drugs
Do Your Shows Always Suck? / Oglio Records
Ho-AgPaint The Navy
Word From Pluto, The / Hello Sir Records
MonotractThere Are Hard Days I Cant Forget
Xprmntl Lvrs / Ecstatic Peace
The CallasLa La La Luna
Diy Or Die / None
Thee HeadcoatsThe Day I Beat My Father Up
My First Billy Childish Album / Damaged Goods
the OkmoniksSorority Club Song
Rustle Up Some Action with / In-Fi Records

The TriffidsTarrilup Bridge
Born Sandy Devotional / Domino Recording Company
Tim BradyVampyr!
Go / Actuelle Cd
David CrossMy Wife's Crazy
Shut Up..(Censored for Radio a / Sub Pop Records
MachinaKrv I Med
Sad Ili Nikad / Slusaj Najglasnije!
Burning Star CoreThe Universe Is Designed To Break Your Mind
Blood Lighting / No Fun Productions