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Wed Jul 11, 2007 6pm - 9pm 
Religious KnivesElectricity And Air
Remains / No Fun Productions
Wallace ShawnIn My Own Country...
Fever, The / Shout Factory
Sun RaSaturn Research
Media Dreams / Art Yard
Sun RaConstellation
Media Dreams / Art Yard

Eliane RadigueCd1
Jetsun Mila / Lovely Music, Ltd
CaninusBrindle Brickheads
Now the Animals Have a Voice / War Torn
Dielectric Field Recording All StarsThe Dog, The Snake, And The Will Mitchell Experience
Re: Record / Dielectric Records
CulturcideHating My FatherYear One / C.I.A. Records
Lieberman, Steve The Gangsta RabbiAmerican IdiotJew In The Underground / None
My RuinMy War (hidden track)
A Prayer Under Pressure of Vio / Snapper Music
Black FlagI Love You (Radio Tokyo Session)
Demos 1982 And More / None
Andy DickTherapy
Do Your Shows Always Suck? / Oglio Records
Tangela TricoliStinky Poodle
Jet Lady / Arf Arf Records
John Trubee & the Ugly JanitoBlind Mans Penis
Blind Man's Penis, Prank Phone / Musical Tragedies
Cheech and ChongEarache My EyeUp In Smoke (soundtrack) / Warner Brothers
King MissleTake Stuff From WorkMystical Shit / Shimmy Disc
Lee HazlewoodSome Velvet Morning
Cake Or Death / Ever Records
Frank PahlScarred Mangled Spanner
Songs Of War And Peace / Acidsoxx Musicks
KinkzoidCheck Your Mama
Book Of Pages, The / Mook Records
People Like Us & Ergo PhizmizSocial Dance Song
Perpetuum Mobile / Soleilmoon Recordings
FeederzJesusJesus 7" / none
Conlon NancarrowNo. 21
Player Piano 3 / Mdg Scene
Neil HamburgerThe Right To DieRaw Hamburger / Drag City
CulturcideLove Is a Cattle ProdTacky Souveniers of Pre Revolutionary America / Grey Matter
Patton Oswaltthe necklace was made of vaginas222 / none
DogbowlSarving For LoveTit... (An Opera) / Shimmy Disc
Eleni MandellGirls
Miracle Of Five / Zedtone

North Without EndIi
1940, 1944 Lp / Forty-Seven Records
Kukuriku StreetPetar Pan In The Fake Sunset
Anarhija / Slusaj Najglasnije!
Noah CreshevskyIn Other Words (Portrait Of John Cage)
Tape Music Of, 1971-1992, The / Em
Glaxo BabiesPolice StatePut Me On the Guest List / Cherry Red
Domestic BlissDomestic Bliss
Messthetics #103 D.I.Y. And (Very) Indie Post-Punk From The Midlands '77-81, Par / Hyped 2 Death
The SlitsTypical Girls (Live)
Girlmonster / Chicks On Speed Records
Silver DaggersWe Didn't Pay
New High 7 Ord / Load Records
Parts And LaborNew Crimes
Mapmaker / Jagjaguwar
The CallasI Don't Know
Diy Or Die / None
Kk RampageRuptured Hymen Poking
Hiv Tarnations / Rampage Records
Kk RampageSoft Dreams, Whispering
Without Feelings / Rampage Recordings
ChromeFirebombThird From the Sun /
Thee HeadcoatsI'm Hurting
My First Billy Childish Album / Damaged Goods
The MaggotsTomato Juice
Monkey Time! / Wicked Cool Records
Bambi MolestersWanganui
Play Out Of Tune / Slusaj Najglasnije!

2 / Mego