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Wed Sep 19, 2007 7pm - 8pm 
CoilWho'll FallStolen and Contaminated Songs / World Serpent Dist.
Lasse MarhaugSinus Shakedown
Alive, Live Recordings 1998-2006 / Small Town Super Jazz
John OswaldUrgePlexure / Avant

Timeless Pulse QuintetJust Play
Timeless Pulse Quintet / Mutable Records
John WatermannFourth Shudder Project: The Black Milk Clasp (Clubbing, Tearing, Wrenching, CuttCalcutta Gas Chamber / Cold Spring
People Like UsT424PLU Part 2Lassie House/Jumble Massive / Caciocavallo
Steev HiseStuck Together, Falling AparDeconstructing Beck / Seeland Records
Marclay, Tone, WolffEvent
Event / Asphodel

the Unruly GutsIntro & Physics
Peristaltic Souds in Gastroint / Hot Air
P. Miles BrysonSwivel-Base Functionality An
Megalomaniac Decorator's Quart / Illegal Art
Two Different Faces / Ant-Zen
Jon RoseBugs@September.VomitShopping.Live@Victo / Cuneiform Records
Stock Hausen & WalkmanTampooningHairballs / Hot Air
Tomomi AdachiKanaV/A Vox Ex Machina / Leonardo Music

Christian MarclayBlast MixDeconstruct / Blast First
Hans Grusel's KrankenkabinetMoog System 15 Variation One
Happy As Pitch / C.I.P and Snse