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Tue Nov 05, 2002 midnight - 3am 
Aesop RockDaylightLabor Days / Def Jux
Camu TaoHold the FloorDefinitive Jux 2 / Def Jux
ShadowmanRap ShitBeyond REALEXPERIENCE2 / Beyond Real
Yaggfu FrontRoll Wit the YaggfuSecret Tapes, the / Boiling Point Dist
DspNo RegretsIn the Red / Ninja Tune
Motion ManHold Up InstHold Up / Threshold Recordings
Mos Def, Diverse, Perfuse 73K Kruz RmxWylin Out / Chocolate Industries
RJD2The Horror
Deadringer / Def Jux
Mr LifLive From the PlantationI Phantom / Def Jux
J LiveVampire Hunter JBest Part, the / 7 Heads
RiseBknyIndependents Finest 3 / Ill Boogie
FatlipThe Story of Us InstHere Comes the Lip / Delicious Vinyl (Hiphop)
MC Paul BarmanExcuse YouPaullelujah! / Coup D'Etat
Deltron 3030MastermindDeltron 3030 the Instrumentals / 75 Ark
De La SoulRing Ring Ring (Ha Ha Hey)12" / Tommy Boy
MilkOrigSpam / American (Hip-Hop)
Public Enemy Featuring FlavorGet Off My BackGet Off My Back / A&M Records (Rap)
Chuck DMistachuckAutobiography of Mistachuck / Mercury Records (Hiphop)
Mc SerchHere It ComesHere It Comes / Def Jam Recordings
Digital UndergroundHot Sauce MixOregano Flow / Critique
NecroYour Fucking Head SplitMost Sadistic, the / Physho Logical
RemedyLpWhite Boy / Fifth Angel
AtmosphereThe Woman with the Tattooed HandsLucy Ford: the Atmosphere EP's / Rhymesayers
Eyedea & AbilitiesDirtyBlindly Firing / Rhymesayers Ent
Cypress HillWe Aint... InstWe Aint Goin' Out Like that / Columbia Records (Hiphop)
Bus DriverStreetGet on the Bus / Massmen
Buckshot LefonqueAlbumBreakfast @ Denny's / Columbia Records (Hiphop)
The PharcydeRunnin'Cydeways: The Best of the Pharcyde / Delicious Vinyl
Kool KeithLivin' AstroBlack Elvis/Lost in Space / Ruffhouse
Aesop RockLaborLabor Days / Def Jux
EmanonP.S.I.P.S.I. / None
Ho Frat Ho!EducationHo Frat Ho! / Bust-It
Insane Clown Posse85 Bucks An HourForgotten Freshness (Vol 1&2) / Island Records
Insane Clown PosseFat Sweaty BettyForgotten Freshness Vol. 1 / Psychopathic
InsolenceMental MentalTerrorists / Minority Productions
El-PStepfather FactoryDefinitive Jux 2 / Def Jux
Run-D.M.C.Jam Master Jammin' (Remix) (Instrumental)12" / Profile