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Tue Feb 12, 2008 9am - 11am 
Hendricks, Karl TrioThe Worst Coffee I've Ever HDeclare Your Weapons / Merge Records
Voluptuous Horror of Karen BlaI Can't See the Sun a ShininA National Health Care / Beautiful Label
PraxisDeathstarSacrifist / Subharmonic/Strata
Foot VillageGreat Britain And The Bermuda Rebellion
Foot Village / Death Bomb Arc
DwarvesAnother ClassicDwarves/Blag Dahlia Split 10" / No Balls Records
Final Collapse, The / Prank
P16.D4External SymbolsDistruct / Odd Size Records
Curia / Fire Museum Records
The Late Severa WiresI'm Feeling Lightheaded
Three Minutes A Second / High Mayhem
Tom Heasley & Toss Panos98% Pure
Passages / Full Bleed Music
Ladonna Smith and Davey WilliThe Glass TepeeTransmutating / Transmuseq
Byla + Jarboe15:35
Viscera / Translation Loss Records
Crawling with Tarts1-8 IdeomotorsSarajevo Center Metal Doors / Realization Recordings
Ikue MoriTool Box ~ LoopsGarden / Tzadik Records
Khoury, Mike/Will Soderbergt4
Volume Ii: Demons Of Noon / White Rose Media
RropeLowMahagonny / Silly Bird Records
ShellacBe Prepared
Excellent Italian Greyhound / Touch and Go
BarkmarketFatstampVegas Throat / Def American (Metal)
Blag DahliaBig BallsDwarves/Blag Dahlia Split 10" / No Balls Records
PraxisAfter Shock(Chaos Never DiedTransmutation / Island Records (Modern)
the Tear GardenCastawayCrystal Mass / Nettwerk Productions
Lisa GermanoBaby on the PlaneI Love a Snot / Warner Brothers (Modern)
ScheerTake You Anywhere/BonusSchism Ep / 4AD
Miracle LegionDown, Down, Down: So Good GoOut to Play / Morgan Creek Music
Miracle LegionHey Mr. SpacemanOut to Play / Morgan Creek Music
SecadoraElectric Thrid Rail Power TrSecadora / Secadora
the FriggsShakeAlright, this Time Jus / Sympathy for the Record I
Sweet BabyGotta Get a GirlIt's a Girl! / Lookout Records
The NeutrinosMother's Mother TongueOne Way Kiss / Wet Nurse
The ReactionTrack 3
Reaction, The / Self
MeneguarScrape And A PullStrangers In Our House / Troubleman Unlimited
Fond Of TigersA Long Way To EmporaryRelease The Saviours / Drip Audio