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Wed Jul 30, 2008 11am - 2pm 
Couch(It's) Too Late to TangoGlass Brothers 1993-1994 / Bulb Records

Like A Kind Of MatadorSweet Mother Of Pearl (Women Are My World)Halfway To Dangerous / tumult

La Drivers Union Por Por GroupTrotro Tour Of Ghana
Por Por: Honk Horn Music Of Ghana / Smithsonian/Folkways
Liquid LiquidBellhead (Remix)

Jeffrey LewisBig A, Little A
12 Crass Songs / Rough Trade Records
Cul De SacChina GateChina Gate / Thirsty Ear Communication
Phantom FloatKeep Things Bright /
Guinness, Sir AlecHearing Of Harvest, Rotting In The ValleyAlec Guinness... A Personal Choice / RCA Victor
BelongLate Night
Colorless Record / St. Ives

Frank RothkammEncounter With Remarkable Trees
Just 3 Organs / Flux Records
Electric WizardSaturnine
Witchcult Today / Candlelight Records
Kirchin, BasilWar March Of The PriestsThe Abominable Dr. Phibes /
Venetian SnaresDetrimentalistFlashforward / Planet Mu Records
Greenaway, PeterChapter 86Falls, The /
Little MuddyFollowed For 14 DaysRoad To Bodie, The / Self

Arditti String QuartetArsenic And Old Lace For Microtonally Tuned Harpsichord And String Quartet (1990From Scandinavia: Lindberg: Clarinet Quintet, Sorenson: Angels' Music, Saariaho: / Auvidis
Orchestra EthiopiaGorawEthiopiques 23 / Budas Musique

Lydia MendozaDelgadina
Best Of Lydia Mendoza, The / Arhoolie
Butthole Surfers, TheKuntzLocust Abortion Technician / Touch And Go
Child PornographyOnly The LonelyShe's Got Legs / Death Bomb Arc
The Thrasher WondersMoses Smote The Water
Classic African American Gospel / Smithsonian/Folkways
Attenborough, DavidLyre Bird /
Sun City GirlsThe Brothers UnconnectedDante's Disneyland Inferno / Abduction

the Scissor GirlsNoster VirtisStaticland / Over the Counter/Load
Count Dante And The Black Dragon Fighting SocietyHair Power (Spoken Word)
Fat Power / Hofbrau Dojo Records
Huggable Dust / Absolutely Kosher Records
Etui Etui SoniczoilGizmo
Svasta Svasta Svarno Svasta / Slusaj Najglasnije!
Newsreel 25 years ago today 1960 - USA And Italy /

SpiritualizedYou Lie You Cheat
Songs In A & E / Sanctuary Records
Marker, ChrisThey Gave Him A Power Plant...La Jetee /
Haunted GeorgeInvisiblePile O' Meat / Hook or Crook
Foot VillageUrination
Friendship Nation / Tome Records
Chthonic ForceKing Of The World
Delirium Tremens / Discriminate Audio
Elephant ManChaka Chaka

Teiji ItoLifelines
Music For Maya / Tzadik Records
Ritter, JohnI Was At The Women's Big And Tall...Bad Santa /
James P. JohnsonHesitation BluesClassic Piano Blues / Smithsonian/Folkways
Marker, ChrisThe Prisoners Were Submitted To Some Experiments...La Jetee /
Wolf Eyes & SicknessA Diet Of Speed And BeerThere Is A Part Of Me That You Will Never Know / Hospital Productions