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Sun Nov 24, 2002 4pm - 5pm 
Bitchin'I'd Rather JumpNight Life, the Tight Styl, th / No Idea
Mk UltraUlcerAll that and a Bag of / Disgruntled Records
HiretsukanBarrel Roll
Invasive//Exotic / G7 Welcoming Committee
Talk Is PoisonRuinsStraight to Hell / Prank
Seven Days of SamsaraBones and Blenders
Cobra Kai/Seven Days O / Deadrobot Allstars
LudicraTomorrow Held in ScornHollow Psalms / Life Is Abuse
Life's HaltLife's HaltBarbaric Thrash Demoli / Six Two Five Thrashcore
Angel HairPre-SupermodelAngel Hair/Fisticuffs / Unleaded Records
FleshiesFat CopKill the Dreamer's Dream / Alternative Tentacles
Masturbation2 Drunk to MasturbateAllegiance to None/Mas / Laid Off Records
Word SaladStomach Wounds Bleeding AgaiDeath March 2000 / Prank
LarmCrucify the PopeExtreme Noise / Coalition
All You Can EatElvira Stole My ShirtAll You Can Eat/Lurch/ / (Unknown)
Crispus AttucksRaise Your Head...Destroy the Teacher / Soda Jerk Records
LouisecyphreAn Infinite Repetition of aAbout Life... / React with Protest
SparklesSkin the Diamond Spread theAll the Kids Are Gonna Fuck Yo / Smooch Records
LieSense of ValueA Man Die and Become a Legend / Six Two Five Thrashcore
the Phantom LimbsUnknownWednesday Night Live 1/03/01 / Outer a Records
Agents of SatanGoat SkroteAgents of Satan/No Les / Bad People Records
Circus LupusRight Turn ClydeSolid Brass / Dischord
Zoinks!Carcinogen (Not About SmokinDump-Eye / Satan's Pimp Records
BraidFire Makes the House GrowBeezus/Braid / Mud
the CosmosStrategies
Sort Of, not Really / None
the CapricornsNathan IiIn the Zone / Paroxysm
the SabotenToelly (Soul Cuaxing)Saboten, the / God Mountain