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Fri Aug 29, 2008 7pm - 9pm 
Uton & Valerio CosiSilmaympyrakolmio
Kaarmeekaantopiiri / Fire Museum Records
Love Is Colder than DeathThe CenobitesMental Traveller / Hyperium
Bill NelsonWider Windows for The...A Catalogue of Obsessions / Enigma Records
Skinny PuppyV.X. Gas AttackViviSectVI / Nettwerk

Illusion Of SafetyWaiting Room
In Session / Finite Material Context
Kyle MaclachlanDiane...(Side 2)
Diane...The Twin Peaks Tapes Of Agent Cooper / Simon & Schuster Audio
HocicoBoiling BloodSanqte Hitviente / Interbeat Records
The Neon JudgementBe Nice To MeMafu Cage / Play It Again Sam
Sisters of MercyHeartlandTemple of Love 12" / Merciful

NefilimZoon (Part 3)Zoon / Metal Blade
L'autrichienne / Relapse Records
LoinclothNew Jersey
Church Burntings/New Jersey / Southern Lord Recordings
Electric WizardDunwich
Witchcult Today / Candlelight Records

666 - Satan's Soldiers Syndicate / Metal Blade
UnleashedBlack Horizon
Hammer Battalion / Spv Gmbh
Hail Of BulletsInferno At The Carpathian Mountains
Of Frost And War / Metal Blade

Bum KonReagan Sucks
Drunken Sex Sucks / Maximum Rock-N-Roll
the NeighborsWeedWe Refuse to Kiss Ass / The Neighbors
Token EntryJaybird (live)COLL: Free For All / Hawker
The BoilsWhen The Boys Are Out Tonight
Orange And The Black, The / Tko Records
The MisanthropesWhy Do You Treat Me So Bad?Why Do You Treat Me So Bad? 7" / Get Hip
The MansonicsI've Only Got Myself To BlameCOLL: 'Ol Blighty's Still Smokin' / Steel Cage

MudhoneyI'm Now
Lucky Ones, The / Sub Pop Records
Thee HeadcoatsWe're GoneHeavens To Murdatroid / Sub Pop
Spectrum Meets Captain MemphisWhen Tomorrow Hits
Indian Giver / Birdman Records

Popul VuhEngel Der GegenwartCoeur de Verrre / Tempel
Bo HanssonThe Sun (or Parallel or 90 Degrees)Magician's Hat / Charisma