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Sat Aug 30, 2008 9pm - midnight 
manowarviolence and blood shedfighting the world / atco records
metaliumBurningMillennium metal-chapter one / Pavement
Roadkill RomeoPyscho Bitch From hellSelf titled double EP / Chainsaw Records
AnthraxGung hoSpreading the disease / Islands records
SlayerWar EnsembleSeasons in the abyss / DEF AMERICAN
HELLOWEENkill itGambling with the devil / spv
gamma rayanywhere in the galaxypowerplant / Noise records
annihilatorthe pastor of diasterrefresh the demon / Music for nations
Roadkill RomeoFull BlownThe Double EP / Chainsaw Records
The Dirty HeartsRecord StorePigs / Salt Shaker Music
Soilent GreenBlessed In The Arms Of Servitude
Inevitable Collapse In The Presence Of Conviction / Metal Blade
L'autrichienne / Relapse Records
Angry 4 LifeBeyond The Walls
Some Songs We Recorded 2004-2006 / Vinehell Records
demons and wizardsblood on my handsdemons and wizards / spv
iced earth the reckoningthe glorious burdening / spv
judas priestbullet trainjugulator / cmc
black sabbathdisturbing the priestborn again / vertigo
UnleashedThis Day Belongs To Me
Hammer Battalion / Spv Gmbh
MelvinsThe Kicking MachineNude With Boots / Ipecac Records
DeicideAngel Of Agony
Till Death Do Us Part / Earache
Genghis TronEndless Teeth
Board Up The House / Relapse Records
roadkill romeosex addictThe Double EP / Chainsaw records
helmetcrashing foreign carssize matters / interscope
system of a downprison songtoxicity / american
fightwar of wordswar of words / epic
symphony xthe dragon's dentwilight in olympus / inside out
luca turillidemon heartprophet of the last eclipse / spv
dragonforceheart of a dragonvalley of the damned / sanctuary
edguytrinidadrocket ride / nuclear blast
roadkill romeokalifornia madeThe double ep / chainsaw records
flotsam and jetsamescape from withinno place for disgrace / elektra
black majestydragon rebornsilent company / spv
rhapsodyagony is my namepower of the dragon flame / spv
MudhoneyI'm Now
Lucky Ones, The / Sub Pop Records
Hair PoliceStrict
Certainty Of Swarms / No Fun Productions
Wolf ParadeCall It A RitualAt Mount Zoomer / Sub Pop Records