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Fri Jan 02, 2009 3pm - 6pm 
Michael BatesMachinery
Clockwise / Greenleaf Music

Cole, Bill / Untempered EnsembleThe Drum Sounding A Message In War Is Beaten In A Cryptic Manner...
Proverbs For Sam / Boxholder Records

BrinskLaser Eyes
A Hamster Speaks / Nowt Records
Vincent DelermUn Temps Pour Tout
Francophone Singles: December 2008 / Francophonie Diffusion
Amendola, Scott/Ben Goldberg/Devin HoffReflections
Plays Monk / Long Song Records
Mute SocialiteMe't
More Popular Than Presidents And Generals / Dephine Knormal Music

Mute Socialite(Prelude)/The Damaged Country
More Popular Than Presidents And Generals / Dephine Knormal Music
-- (4:00 p.m.) --
Halvorson, Mary TrioTotally Opaque
Dragon's Head / Firehouse 12
Halvorson, Mary and Weasel WalterBald Eagle Tartar Washed Down with a Cup of Melted GoldOpulence / ugExplode

SonoreBroken Hymn [excerpt]
No One Ever Works Alone / Okka Disk
Richard Pinhas And MerzbowIkebukuro: Tout Le Monde Descend! [excerpt]
Keio Line / Cuneiform Records
David Del TrediciInterlude
Vintage Alice/Dracula / Innova Recordings
David LeikamF - Lense
David Leikam's Dance Clippings Volume: 1 / Dbcl
Frank Rothkamm4
Opus Spongebobicum / Flux
Frank Rothkamm34 [a 6-second song]
Opus Spongebobicum / Flux

Trio EncompasSunspotsTrio Encompas / Avant Coast
Mason ProperAloneOlly Oxen Free / Dovecote Records
New Haven Improvisers CollectiveAt Least There's Pretty Lights
Interference / Self Release
The Lost TrioThe Same Situation
Plays Solid Gold Hits! / Evander Music

-- (5:00 p.m.) --
Birdsongs Of The MesozoicTheme From Rocky And Bullwinkle
Dawn Of The Cycads / Cuneiform Records
Futterman/Fielder/Levin TrioFreescapes
Traveling Through Now / Charles Lester Music

James ZitroFreeken
Zitro / Esp-Disk'