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Mon Feb 01, 2010 midnight - 3am 
Prince Rakeem (RZA)Deadly VenomsEP Oooh I Love... / Tommy Boy
Moka Only feat. Booty Brown (pharcyde)Googly Taledigi 12" / Domination
Barf Bros.GutterwayBarf Bros. LP / TBA
Bored Stiff feat. Z-ManSomething To DoNow More Than ever / TBA
Ill Bill feat. GoretexJunkies with GunsDemos & rare tracks / Psycho+Logical
S.A. SmashIlly (remix)Smashy Trashy / Def Jux
MophonoThe Shuffle7" /

billy jam's armyEstria & Bas-1 talk on Mike DreamInterview @ Eastbay Express Anniv. 8/09 /

Incredible Bongo BandApache12" bootleg / Alpha Omega
Redman feat. Tame OneSmoke a Blunt Toopromo / n/a
Beatmonstas feat. Prince PoRipping to the last barBomb til we hit em /
Scienz of LifeApplauseLeviathan / Project: Moon Circle
Totally InsaneKissing No AssDirect from the backstreets / In-A-Minute
Bored StiffPosta SoundNow More Than ever / TBA
Tuff CrewMountain's WorldBack To Wreck Shop / Warlock
Grand InvincibleThe Way We RevoltCold Hand In The Dice Game /

Guerilla War Tactix feat GoretexDead Like Presidentsdigi 12" / Independent
Statik Selectah, Lil' Fame, Havoc, Kool G. RapDo It 2 Death100 Proof / brick
Jise, Freestyle, Q-UniqueLearnChronicles2 / Creative Juice
Zest The SmokerLordz 13Sweatin' in the TeePee / Barry Bones Presents:
Fu-SchnickensBreakdownNervous Breakdown / Jive

Paten LockeOff the GridSuper Ramen... / Tres
Hopie SpitshardThe Hopie SpitterThe Diamond Dame /
WhiteField Bros., PerceeP, MEDReverse EarthologyEarthology / Now-Again
Brand NubianScientists Of SoundTime's Runnin' Out / Sound Of Dissent
BeansPhreek Teh BeetNow Soon Someday / Warp Records