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Thu Apr 15, 2010 midnight - 6am 
david armstrongapollogalactic grove / self released
royallenside broyallen's motivational tape / vanishing hour revival
Philip GlassGlassworks/Analog: Ange Des Orages
Glass Box / Nonesuch Records
Long HairWere You Are From
On The Trail Of An Imaginary Foe / Forty-Seven Records
Jeremy HaladynaLuubchords From Demon Zero
Selections From The Mayan Cycle / Innova Recordings
Excepter"The Anti-Noah"
Presidence / Paw Tracks
KEITH FULLERTON WHITMANKeith Fullerton Whitman TapeSynth Night 4 x cs box / Protracted View
Sundog PeacehouseMoss Gnomes
Brosound / Digitalis Industries
Marcus, Mitch QuintetCoffeee And Cones
Countdown 2 Meltdown / Porto Franco Records
black eagle childdirt nap / pabst in portage / penisula dozingblack eagle child / thoughts on air split cassette / anathema sound
thoughts on airhue and u (wind tail entrail .. our countryside ...a psoff psun reflective)Black eagle child / thoughts on air split cassette / anathema sound
longomont potion castlelevi goulet / stop playing harmonica / virtual balboa / orange julius # 419late eighties vein / insides music
the rolling stonesruby tuesdayhot rocks /
biffylove you (syd barrett cover)i have a crush on ruby, really big time / see above

------0100------ /

the make upi am pentagonsave yourself /
DeuxGame & Performance
Minimal Wave Tapes, Vol. 1, The / Stones Throw
the curea forestseventeen seconds /
MuslimgauzeYasser Arafat's RadioHamas Arc / Staalplaat
Vodka SoapUntitled A
Oceansion Island / Pacific City Studios
My Bloody ValentineSwallowTremolo / Sire Records
SlowdiveMoussaka ChaosAlison / Sbk Records
Thanasis PapakonstantinouAeriko (Thinner Than Air)
Diaphanous / Lyra
berniue krause: field recording directordistant thunderdistant thunder / the nature company
the make uphave you got the new look?sound verite /
Moon DuoE-Z Street Ext
White Vinyl 12" 45 / Sick Thirst Records
Yo La TengoFrom a Motel 6
Painful / Matador Records

------0200------ /

Low Speed OrchestraSide BMusic of Falling Bridges / 2am Tapes
Abortion Focus GroupSide AMW / 2am Tapes
OphibreSide AUntitled Drones for Iron Oxide / 2 am Tapes
CDRXSulphuric LakeCDRX + Talklamakan Split Cassette / 2am Tapes
TaklamakanIspod Zemijine KoreCDRX + Talklamakan Split Cassette / 2am Tapes

------0300------ /

JliatI <3 FlanNow Thats What I Call Noise Vol. 3 / Jliat
Philip GlassFilmworks: Dracula: Dracula
Glass Box / Nonesuch Records
Thanasis PapakonstantinouStin Ameriki (In America)
Diaphanous / Lyra
MijLook Into The (K)Night
Yodeling Astrologer / Esp-Disk'
Sean McCann & Greg ManataSide A (Viridian / Around Open Shores / Ashen Orbs / Pale Morning)Ornaments / Anathema Sound
XiphiidaeSide BMaps in Exodus / NNA Tapes
Esa RuohoMolies 1Delux: Night Owls 01 / Deluxe Records

------0400------ /

Uneven UniverseSide ANightcrawler Walls / DNT
Clarence WilliamsJerry the JunkerJunkers, Jivers & Coke Fiends: Vintage Songs About Drugs 1926-1952 / Chrome Dreams / Buzzola
Dylan EttingerSide AInterstellar Pleasures / Digitalis
BladestonerDear High ReigndeerBladestoner Cassette Rip / Black Cheeks
Port-RoyalHva (Failed Revolutions)
Dying In Time / N5MD
Waumiss / Odessa Records
Gitchii-Anahmi-BezehuSide AGitchii-Anahmi-Bezehu / Jugu Split / Housecraft
FENN O'BERGPART IIn Stereo / Editions Mego

------0500------ /

Z_Bug5th Viewing
Passings Of A Window Sil / Dbcl Recordings
Samsara VistaSide BMiner in a Pit of Fire / Housecraft
MonitorMokele-MbembeMonitor / World Imitation Records
Philip GlassHydrogen Jukebox: Song #9 From Nagasaki Days (Numbers In Red Notebook)
Glass Box / Nonesuch Records
ExcepterTeleportation: 1: Bre
Presidence / Paw Tracks
Al Qaedaside ABetween the Devil and the Details / Midori Tapes
Current 93Moon:Page 209, Twenty Two...Current 93 / World Serpent Dist.
Longmont Potion CastleScrimmage / Squid on my side / Answer Team / Rex/ Leprechaun JuliusLongmont Potion Castle 4 / DU Records / Post Replica Records
Andreas BrandalNestLieber Null / Anathema Sound
Altar EagleTIger StripesVintage Cats / Digitalis
Philip GlassEarly Works: Music In Contrary Motion
Glass Box / Nonesuch Records
Ukrainska Sleska OrchestraSweetheart KolomyjkaUkranian Village Music / Arhoolie