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Wed May 19, 2010 9am - noon 
Robert RandolphWithout GodSacred Steel Instrumen / Arhoolie
Mae Belle MillerTrouble Everywhere BluesSt.Louis Girls 1929-1937 / Story Blues/Da Music
Shakey JakeThings Are Different BabyMouth Harp Blues / Prestige Records Inc.
Nick MossPrivileged At BirthPrivileged / Blue Bella Records
Hurt, Mississippi JohnAvalon, My Home TownLive / Vanguard Records
Thornton, Big MamaMischievous BoogieThey Call Me Big Mama / Proper Records
Koko TaylorInsane AsylumKoko Taylor / Mca Records
Sonny TreadwayJesus Will Fix It for YouSacred Steel Instrumen / Arhoolie
Paul JonesHangin' with the BoysPucker Up Buttercup / Fat Possum Records
the DemonicsDrag RaceDrag Race / Just Add Water
Mojo Nixon & the ToadliquorsMachines Ain't Music/Got MySock Ray Blue / Shanachie/Yazoo
Demented Are GoThe ChaseChase, the / Pin Up Records
the 5,6,7,8'SI Walk Like Jayne Mansfield5,6,7,8'S, the / Au Go Go
7 Shot ScreamersVampire
Keep The Flame Alive / Haunted Town Records
the DevilheadsI Like You Better Drunk
Never Lucky / Independent
Illgotten GainzOrpheus
Pet Goat, the / Burnt Ramen Records
DestructorSkull Splitter
Forever In Leather / Auburn
DesultoryTearsInto Eternity / Metal Blade
Demolition HammerPyroclastic AnnihilationEpidemic of Violence / Century Media
Demon Haunted World / Profound Lore
Dark TranquillityLost to Apathy
Character / Century Media
Napalm DeathMalicious IntentHarmony Corruption / Earache
TriptykonA Thousand Lies
Eparistera Daimones / Century Media
Napalm DeathUnfit EarthHarmony Corruption / Earache
TestamentHenchmen Ride
Formation Of Damnation, The / Nuclear Blast
Kowloon Walled CityMore Like The Shit Factory
Gambling On The Richter Scale / Wordclock
Vio-LenceOppressing the MassesOppressing the Masses / Megaforce Worldwide
NecronomiconDark Wings of Deceptions
Sacred Medicines, the / Skyscraper Music
t.t. quickqueen of the scenemetal of honor / island
HateworkRip the Hush
Thrash 'n' Roll / Beer City
Jungle RotFace Down
Fueled By Hate / Olympic Recordings
CruciamentumConvoctation Of Crawling Chaos
Convocation Of Crawling Chaos / Self Release
Neon ManiacsChildren of the Night
Neon Maniacs / Puke N Vomit Records
HexenSeditions In Peacetime
State Of Insurgency / Old School Metal Records
HeathenHeathen's SongVictims of Deception / (Unknown)
NauseaHome Sweet Home
Punk Terorist Anthology Vol. 2 : '85-'88, The / Alternative Tentacles Records
NauseaHome Sweet Home
Punk Terorist Anthology Vol. 2 : '85-'88, The / Alternative Tentacles Records
NileVon Unaussprechlichen Bulten
Annihilation of the Wicked / Relapse Records