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Wed Jun 02, 2010 9am - noon 
Last RizlaHypoxic
Last Rizla / Self
Last RizlaDuality
Last Rizla / Self
The StoogesDirtFun House (2005, 2cd Set) / Elektra Classics
HexenThe Serpent
State Of Insurgency / Old School Metal Records
HeathenHeathen's SongVictims of Deception / (Unknown)
helstaraieliaria and everonnnosferatu / metal blade records
Toxic HolocaustDeath From Above
An Overdose Of Death... / Relapse Records
DethklokGo Into The Water
Dethalbum, The / Adult Swim
CretinDaddys Little Girl
Freakery / Relapse Records
DeicideCrucified Fo The Innocence
Stench Of Redemption, The / Earache
Demolition HammerBread and WaterTime Bomb / Century Media
Cannibal CorpseA Cauldron Of Hate
Evisceration Plague / Metal Blade
Embrace Of ThornsAtonement Ritual
Atonement Ritual / Nuclear War Now!
Wolves In The Throne Room(A Shimmering Radiance) Diadem Of 12 Stars
Diadem Of 12 Stars / Southern Lord Recordings
panteracowboys from hellcowboys from hell / atlantic recording
Eagle TwinI Dreaded That First Robin So...
Eagle Twin/ / Red Light Slc
HavohejKembatinan Premaster
Kembatinan Premaster / Hells Headbangers
CableThe Failed Convict
Failed Convict, The / The End Records
EngorgedXyy TriadDeath Metal Attack 2 / Razorback Records
Memoria In Aeterna / Self Release
NeurosisWeeper on the ShoreSpectrum Fest / Relapse Records
ThouShorties With Mp 40's, The Personal Is The Political
Thou/Mohoram Atta - Split - The Degradation Of Human Life / Halo Of Flies
Ed GeinBastardJudas Goats & Dieseleaters / Blackmarket Activities
SkeletonwitchBaptized In Flames
Beyond The Permafrost / Prosthetic Records
SssOj Skyrkts
Sss / Earache
Sss / Earache
PowermadSlaughterhouseAbsolute Power / Reprise Records (Metal)
PowermadAbsolute PowerAbsolute Power / Reprise Records (Metal)
HiraxBaptized By FireRaging Thrash Split / Deep Six Records
Storm Before The Calm, The / Relapse Records
Municipal WasteMental Shock
Art Of Partying, The / Earache