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Thu Jun 03, 2010 midnight - 6am 
Jean-Michel JarreOxygène (Part Iii)Oxygène / Polydor
EmeraldsDouble HelixDoes it Look like I'm here? / editions Mego
Oneohtrix Point NeverNil Admirari \ Describing Bodies \ Stress WavesReturnal / Editions Mego
Husere Grav / TrtrkmmrHusere Grav: Antler Formations
Split Album, Unknown [ 2009 ] / Unknown
Ulrich SchnaussMonday - Paracetamol (Mojave 3 Remix)... Passing By / Domino

------0100----- /

James FerraroR-ComplexPixarnini / Muscleworks inc.
Oneohtrix Point NeverReturnalReturnal / Editions Mego
Robert RichAmbergris
Ylang / Soundscape Productions
Sean McCannLabyrinthChances are Staying LP / DNT Records
The Ornette Coleman QuartetEmbraceable YouThis is Our Music / Atlantic Records
ZeitgeistJackanich: PolarityIn Bone-Colored Light / Innova Recordings
GrowingShort Circuit
Pumps! / Tvt Records
Kk RampageA Dark Desire
A Dark Desire / Rampage Recordings
Lee Elia, Bob Knight, Earl Weaver, Goose Gossage, et alMedley of Angry Tirades
Earl WeaverAutotunedOn the Managers Corner /

------0200------- /

Armando GalarragaGets Robbed of a Perfect Game by Umpire Jim Joyce
Husere Grav / TrtrkmmrTrtrkmmr: The Loved Dead
Split Album, Unknown [ 2009 ] / Unknown
Sun ArawMa Holo
On Patrol / Not Not Fun
FairuzTrack 1, Side BFairuz Tape /
Tribute To The Dead Soliders (1914-1918) Part I / La Cavernec Du Dragon
Philip GlassGlassworks/Analog: Floe
Glass Box / Nonesuch Records
Captain BeefheartHot HeadDoc at the Radar Station / Virgin
Arthur RussellYou can make me feel badcalling out of context / rough trade
Gnod & White HIllsSide DGnod and White Hills Drop Out /

------0300------ /

David Bug (Synth) & Brick (Turntables & Tapes)Live Performance in StudioLive on KZSU 0300-0400 / outer A

------0400------ /

Seziki TetrasheafSide BFurnishings of Former Lives c20 / Rotifer Cassettes
XiphiidaeTransresonance FormationTransresonance Formation / Stunned Records
DrunjusSide bZone Growth C42 / Pizza Night
Archers by the SeaHey VolcanoShould Dance / Stunned Records
Dylan Ettingerlil' 5cutters LP / digitalis Industries
James FerraroAngels Of The Night
On Air / Muscleworks Inc.

------0500------ /

RangersAirport LightsSuburban Tours / Olde English Spelling Bee
CaveTeenagerPure Moods /
Triclops!Brown Summer
Helpers On The Other Side / Alternative Tentacles Records
My Bloody ValentineNo Place to GoThings Left Behind / Lazy records
MonitorPhosphoreaMonitor / World Imitation Records
Carter MullinSide BArchers by the Sea/ Carter Mullin Split c20 / Rotifer Cassettes
Chrome WingsDouble FantasyTime Patterns / Stunned Records
Black Eagle ChildDirt Nap / Pabst in PortageBlack Eagel Child / Thoughts on Air Split / Anathema Sound
Oneohtrix Point NeverOurboros \ PreyouandiReturnal / Editions Mego