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Sat Jun 12, 2010 7pm - 10pm 
Husere Grav / TrtrkmmrHusere Grav: Shadow Ceremony
Split Album, Unknown [ 2009 ] / Unknown
Dissecting TableHumanismNeu Konservatiw / God Mountain
Poesie NoireAdaptationElectronic Body Music / Antler Records/Subway
Cave Rock / Esp

The ObsessorsCrossfield
Living Under The Power Lines / Braindart Records
Iggy And The StoogesHead On (Rehearsal Performance)
Raw Power - Legacy Edition / Sony Music
WretchedIn ControluceVivei Ogni Momento / E.U. '91 Serbian League
AxemenJoin The R.A.F.
Scary Pt. Iii / Siltbreeze
Conquest for DeathSurrounded And OutnumberedCOLL: Thrash Revenge On Skull Island / Wajlemac
Trioxin 245Deal With ItThe Experiment / Counteract
MorneForceUntold Wait / Feral Ward

YOBBreathing From The ShadowsThe Great Cessation / Profound Lore
Lifesblood for the Downtrodden / Candlelight Records
Bretwaldas Of Heathen DoomRiseSeven Bloodied Ramparts / King Penda
Cross Stitched EyesStitched
Coranach / Alternative Tentacles Records
GoatsnakeLords of Los Feliz1 + Dog Days / Southern Lord

HavohejBloud Of The Word
Kembatinan Premaster / Hells Headbangers
TriptykonA Thousand Lies
Eparistera Daimones / Century Media
Celtic FrostThe UsurperParched with Thirst Am I Dyin / Noise International
Tyrant (Sweden)Hell To PayCOLL: Tyrant/Alehammer Split - / Agipunk
[coll]: Thou/Mohoram Atta - Split - The Degradation Of Human LifeThou-Screaming At A Wall
Thou/Mohoram Atta - Split - The Degradation Of Human Life / Halo Of Flies

Eagle TwinI Dreaded That First Robin So...
Eagle Twin/ / Red Light Slc
Corpus / Self Release
GraveTurning BlackSoulless / Century Media
CruciamentumDeathless Ascension
Convocation Of Crawling Chaos / Self Release

Kowloon Walled CityPaper Houses
Gambling On The Richter Scale / Wordclock
KnutCrawling on All FoursHydra Head/Tortuga V.2 / Hydra Head
NakotWeapons Industry/Namenska IndustrijaCOLL: Nakot/Dazd split / Doomed To Extiction
L'artiste InconnuRussian War Hymn
Tribute To The Dead Soliders (1914-1918) Part 2 / La Cavernec Du Dragon

EvilThe Devil Wants MeCOLL: split with Sortilège / Black Dragon
PowerviceBehold The Hand Of Glory
Heavy Metal Killers / Earache
Sweet SavageEye Of The StormNew Wave Of British Heavy Metal / Metal Blade
UzalaPlagueUzala EP / self-released

Husere Grav / TrtrkmmrHusere Grav: Lunar Feast
Split Album, Unknown [ 2009 ] / Unknown
UrfaustIntroGeist Ist Teufel / Terratur Possession
Lurker Of ChaliceSpectre As Valkerie Is
Lurker Of Chalice / Southern Lord Recordings

RainbowKill The KingOn Stage / Polydor
WrnlrdGirlMyrmindom / Flinco Sound Systems