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Sat Jun 19, 2010 7pm - 10pm 
MarkantNach Pfingsten
X-Rated: The Dark Files / Steamin' Soundworks
Unto AshesShe Binds Away At The Night
Under The Weight Of Light - Project 2010 / Projekt Records
His Electro Blue VoiceCallSplit with Nuit Noire / Todestrieb/Quo Vadis
LaibachLeben TodOpus Dei / Mute Records Ltd

Uncle Woody Sullender & Seamus CaterNothing To Be Done
When We Get To Meeting / Dead Ceo
Pirannah1978 TrailerSea-sploitation 70's / YouTube trailer
Cave Rock / Esp
AbsuManannanTara / Osmose Productions
CruciamentumConvoctation Of Crawling Chaos
Convocation Of Crawling Chaos / Self Release
Embrace of ThornsPassionate Destroyer...For I See Death In Their Eyes / Kill Yourself

LubricantHee Gnoosis toon OntoonCOLL: Zander / Morbid (1993)
EpidemicLamentLament / Metal Blade
AssuckSocialized CrucifixionAnticapital / Sound Pollution/Mcr
AssuckThe Thousand Mile StareAnticapital / Sound Pollution/Mcr
VastumCruel Sun Rising
Corpus / Self Release

ThouShorties With Mp 40's, The Personal Is The Political
Thou/Mohoram Atta - Split - The Degradation Of Human Life / Halo Of Flies
WarhorsePriestessThe Priestess / Ellington
GoatsnakeThe OrphanDog Days / Southern Lord

HiraxBaptized By FireRaging Thrash Split / Deep Six Records
SodomBlasphemerIn The Sign Of Evil / Steamhammer
Zoilder NoizStraight To HellSchizoid Reject / Overstage Imperator
GehennahRock'n'roll PatrolWorld Domination Ii / Osmose Productions
MotorheadLocomotiveNo Remorse / Bronze

HightowerA Minute In The Beginning Of Man
Tower to the People / Fivecore Records
Iggy And The StoogesHead On (Rehearsal Performance)
Raw Power - Legacy Edition / Sony Music
AntiseenSabuDear Abby 7" / TKO
Bomb BuilderEnjoy Much Noise/It's A Wonderfull KnifeDrop The Big One / Crucial
Guinea WormsB.I.S.I.
Sorcererers Of Madness - (4rd Year In A Row!) / Columbus Discount Records
BodysnatchersAre You Into DestructionBloodstains Across Texas / Swedish Meathead Products

Janitor JoeBoys In BlueBig Metal Birds / Amphetamine Reptile
VertigoMaster of UniverseVertigo (1990) / Amphetamine Reptile
HammerheadZestaInto the Vortex / Amphetamine Reptile
ArcwelderRaleighPull / Touch and Go

Iron MaidenInnocent ExileMaiden Japan / Harvest Records
W.A.S.P.HellionW.A.S.P. / Capitol
SaxonPower & The GloryPower & The Glory / Carrere
Sweet SavageProspector of GreedKilling Time / Neat/Metal Blade

Ernesto Diaz-Infante And Jeff ArnalBrooklyn Mantra, Part 1
Brooklyn Mantra / Generate Records
Babylon WhoresSkelton FamilyKing Fear / Necropolis
Bret Waldas Of Heathen DoomSmiteSeven Bloodied Ramparts / King Penda