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Tue Sep 14, 2010 10am - noon 
Dead Can DanceIndusSpiritchaser / 4AD
Shankar JaikishanDil Ek Mandir, etcDil Apna Aur Preet Parai / HyperStar
George ClintonThe Banana Boat SongCinderella Theory, The / Paisley Park
Danny and the NightmaresDouble Bummer
End Is Near Again, the / Cool Beans Records
Pink Playground?Pink Dream / Free Loving Anarchists
Calypso BorealisKimpata-Eknsainyinan daji (cass) / ECR
David & HanayoSide a excerptFrog Garden - CJ Promo / Bluegreengold cassettes
Jonathan Chentr.3
Solo Violin / P.N.G. Records
Destroyed Groundsexcerpt from start of tapeLive FT099 / Super Street
Dreamcolormiddle of tape excerptSolar Gaze /
Sabbath AssemblyThe Power That Is Love
Restored To One / Anja Offensive
Orca TeamThe Aries AffairLet It Go / Eggy Records
Suzanne VegaStockings
Close-Up, Vol 1: Love Songs / Suzanne Vega Amanuensis Productions
Ultra Bonbonexcerpt from start of tapeInfants Grip / Husk Records