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Wed Oct 06, 2010 6pm - 9pm 
Now Thats What I Call Noise, Vol. 8 / None

KremitDean Martin Ate Some Bad Clam Linguini And Is Swimming In His Own Shiw
NecroanalBurger Tyme (Chop Splat Crush Grind)New And Improved Shitcicle, Now With More Nuts!, The / None
PelicanGWAustalasia /
Alvarius BOutside Steppes
Alvarius B / Abduction Records
AsunderA Clarion Call
A Clarion Call / Life Is Abuse

Cantonese OPeraDreadful Tang Chambers
GrandaddyJed's Other PoemSophtware Slump /
Master Musicians Of BukkakePeople Of The Drifting HousesTotem One /
Yao Su-Yong (Malaysia)Love Is Blooming
Asian Takeaways / Normal Records (Usa)

Sunn0)))Black Wedding
Grimmrobe Demos, the / Southern Lord Recordings
Wendy BagwellWilbur WingateLaugh and a Half / Canaan Records
baptist preacher
Distortion Of unoted perspective united future organization
The Digital Chess SessionNew Jack Jungle
Digital Chess Session, The / Dcs

SwansMy Birth
My Father Will Guide Me Up A Rope To The Sky / Young God Records
Scott ArfordRise
Zombie Dub / Resipiscent
Common Eider, King EiderThey Want To Dig For Gold But All They Will Find Is Blood (Cell Phone Mix)
Worn / Root Strata

Lully, Jean-BptisteMarche Pour La Ceremonie des Turcs
JfaBeach Blanket Bongout
We Know You Suck / Alternative Tentacles Records
Amen DunesWhite Castles
AsperaStick 'em Up
Oh Fantastica / Jagjaguwar
Steev HiseStuck Together, Falling AparDeconstructing Beck / Seeland Records
Ugly Husbands & Old SoftyTrack 1
Salmon Changed Evening / Roll Over Rover

Esquivel!Latin-EsqueEsquivel! / Bar/None Records
Incredible String BandIron Stone
PersonaPreussischer Stolz
Tribute To The Dead Soliders (1914-1918) Part 2 / La Cavernec Du Dragon
Smith, ElliottThe White Lady Loves You More
UlverWolf & ManMadrigal of Night, the / Century Media
Univers ZeroThe Funeral Plain
Relaps / Cuneiform Records

Master Musicians Of BukkakeSchism Prism/AdamantiosTotem One / conspiracy records
Estrella 20/20Marvelous!Afro Mexicana / Estrus Records
John and Spencer Booze ExplosiLady BirdJohn and Spencer Booze Explosi / Tiger Style Records
PorestMeat Supply
Tourrorists! / Abduction

MiltonPoetry of milton read by anthony quayle
MuslimgauzeHarijanaUzbekistani Bizzare And Souk /
Captain AhabConversation
Deathbomb Arc Vol. 2, Part 2 / Death Bomb Arc