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Wed Jan 05, 2011 midnight - 6am 
Magic LanternPlanar/Sonar
Platoon / Not Not Fun
Marc RibotVariation 1
Silent Movies / Pi Recordings

SwansNo Words/No Thoughts
My Father Will Guide Me Up A Rope To The Sky / Young God Records
Bardo PondThe Stars Behind
Bardo Pond / Fire Records
Fuck ButtonsSweet Love For Planet Earth
Street Horrrsing / Terrorbird Digital
Ivan HrvatskaMaking Love To The GreycupSeasons Of Love (Party All Year) / (Unknown)
Akron/FamilyRunning, Returning
Akron/Family / Young God Records
Angels of LightUntitled Love SongHow I Loved You / Young God Records
Ken CamdenBirthday
Lethargy & Repurcussion / Kranky
GrasslungWhen We Were Young
Sincere Void / Root Strata

No JoyMediumship
Ghost Blonde / Mexican Summer
Threshold / Not Not Fun
Baker, AidanLiminoid (Part IV)Liminoid/Lifeforms / Alien8 Recordings
K.K. RampageA Little Statutory... Misunderstanding
"Self Titled 2006" / Rampage Recordings
Pedestrian DepositA Blessing
East Fork/North Fork / Monorail Trespassing
The LicketsFire Child Of Reason
Song Of The Clouds / International Corporation
K.C. AccidentalNancy And Girdle Boy
Captured Anthems For An Empty Bathtub + Anthems For The Could've Bin Pills / Arts & Crafts
Sundog Peacehouseside ABrosound / Digitalis Industries

Dimona / Inam Records
Yellow SwansFoilBeing There / Type Records
Waves, The / Mexican Summer
TamarynMild Confusion
Waves, The / Mexican Summer
Goes CalypsoIngen Angest
Mitt Liv Som Katt / Life's Blood
Glitter WizardBlack Lotus
Glitter Wizard / Self