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Sun May 01, 2011 2:30pm - 6pm 
Mercury RevHolesDeserter's Songs / V2 Records
Fujiya & MiyagiMinestrone
Ventriloquizzing / Yep Roc Records
BlanketshipSweetnessThreeps / Fire Inc.
CircleVelmuHissi / Metamorphos

Borful TangXevious
Herd And Unherd / Monorail Trespassing
IszoloscopeThe Sum Of Us AllAudient Void, The / Ant-Zen
Herndon, Anthony WilliamInsane In The Brain
Antipathy / Self
Remembranza / The Leaf Label
AntonymesOn Approaching The Strange Museum
License To Interpret Dreams, The / Hidden Shoal

Reconstruction Of Fives, The / N5MD
Kristin MiltnerDreaming Longing
Music For Dreaming And Playing / Asthmatic Kitty Records
Tetsu Inoue and Carl Stone%.DiskPict.Soul / Cycling '74
GasUntitled (Track 1)Pop /
Mercury HaborAntihouseFrom Here to Tranquily / Silent Records

Antoine BerthiaumeCarambar
Small Tease / Monorail Trespassing
John VandersliceEnglish Vines
White Wilderness / Dead Oceans
MirahGuy Sigsworth - La FamiliaJoyride: Remixes / K Records
Axel KrygierPesebre
Pesebre / Crammed Discs

Gultskra ArtiklerR
Qwerty Ep / !K7
Brian EnoDriftApollo: Atmospheres and Sounds / Eg
ComorosPart I
Blues For Karthala / Fedora Corpse Records
DatacideFlashback SignalFlowerhead / Asphodel
OaeDepression GlassOae / Gandhara Recordings
O Yuki ConjugateTidal DancePeyote / Projekt Records
Steve RoachThree Reptiles Wait at the OFrom Across this Gray Land NO3 / Projekt Records
MuslimgauzeReturn of Black SeptemberSpeaks with Hamas / Soleilmoon Recordings

LegionDeep WhiteDie Datenschleuder / Hyperium
BiosphereEye of the Cyclone, the
Substrata/Man with a Movie Cam / Touch
Roman FlugelMutterFabric 34 (Ellen Allien) /
ScornSilver Rain FellIsolationism / Virgin Records (Local)
All Little Boys Do Silly Littl / Wobblyhead

StereolabSilver Sands
Not Music / Duophonic Ultra High Fs
TonettaJust Like That
777 Vol Ii / Blacktentpress
LumeriansBurning Mirrors
Transmalinnia / Kf Records
Gildon WorksArtful Rifle
Artful Rifle / Self
Souvenir DriverThe Only Time You Feel Free is When You're FallingSouvenir Driver [EP] /

Jack O' The ClockUltima Thule
How Are We Doing And Who Will Tell Us? / Self