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Fri Oct 12, 2001 fri. 3-6 p.m. 
Hunter, Charlie QuartetRhythm Music Rides AgainSongs From the Analog Playgrou /
Spontaneous Music EnsembleAfter ListeningChalleng /
Gayle, Charles 3Your GracePrecious Soul /
Tchicai, John/Irene SchweizerWilli the Pig Part 2Willi the Pig /
Gustavo AguilarLike a Zebra Towards the ...Looking for Aztlan /
Howard Riley with Barry GuyLoopsOverground /
David SlusserBeautiful OhioRubber City /
Michihiro SatoNikata BushiRough Guide to Japan /
Campbell, Roy QuartetKhanductingIt's Krunch Time /
Rob/Caine/Feldman SchwimmerParade on MarsTheremin Noir /
James ColemanSticks & Stone ITheremin /
Rob/Caine/Feldman SchwimmerTwilight LandscapeTheremin Noir /
Ware, David S.Straight TrackCorridors & Parallels /
Eisenbeil, Bruce TrioOak TreeNine Wings /
Moondoc, Jemeel/Jus Grew OrcheEnd GameSpirit House /
Moondoc, Jemeel/Jus Grew OrcheEnd GameSpirit House /
Yoshihide, Otomo/New Jazz QuinDrift/LesFlutter /
Yoshihide, Otomo/New Jazz QuinDrift/LesFlutter /
the Wayfaring StrangersMan of Constant SorrowShifting Sands of Time /
BabliconPigeon of DoomThe Cat That Was a Dog/A Flat Inside a Fog /
TriagePegging inPremium Plastics /
Bendian's, Gregg InterzonePattern Master (For OctaviaMyriad /
Charles MingusTheme for Lester YoungSoul Fusion /
Blake, Ran TrioSpiral StaircaseSonic Temples /
Jack WrightThe Apple of An EyePlaces to Go /
Mcgregor, Chris/Brotherhood ofMraTravelling Somewhere /