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Sat Feb 04, 2012 9pm - midnight 
Dick PanthersBoogie Down
Eternal Biological Conflict / Menace To Sobriety

Keith JarrettAutumn LeavesAt the Blue Note: 6/4/94 Set 1 / Ecm Records (Jazz)
Joe LasqoAlingana #1
Turquoise Sessions / Edgetone Records
Charles Lloyd & Maria FarantouriDream Weaver
Athens Concert / Ecm Records
Greg WardLeanin' In
Phonic Juggernaut / Thirsty Ear Recordings

Ask The OracleAss Gamelan
Ask The Oracle / Resonantmusic
Trio of DoomContinuum (Live)Trio of Doom /
Electric ShepherdThe Misled Herd
Electric Shepherd / Self
Weather ReportTeen Town8:30 (Live) / Columbia

São Paulo UndergroundJagoda's Dream
Trés Cabeças Loucuras / Cuneiform Records
The Funk ArkKatipo (The Spider)
From The Rooftops / Esl Music
William CarnL.B.J.
Run Stop Run / Mythology Records
Freddie HubbardSpacetrackBlack Angel, the / Koch International
Andrew CyrilleSankofa
Route De Frères / Tum

Tim HagansWailing Trees
Moon Is Waiting, The / Palmetto Records
A Full Cosmic SoundHippis En Alerta, Estrategia En Rediseno
A Full Cosmic Sound / Fabrica Records
Demian Johnston & Mink StoleDevil Takes The Something
Trailed And Kept / Debacle Records

12/15/93 / Killertree Records
Ornette ColemanThe ArkTown Hall, 1962 / Esp-Disk'
Karnak TemplesSoft Borders
Din Of Light, The / Debacle Records
Human SkabPiano Concert
Thunder Hips And Saddle Bags / Family Vineyard