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Mon Apr 23, 2012 midnight - 2am 
LootpackWhenimondamicSoundpieces: Da Antidote / Stones Throw
BlackaliciousSky Is FallingBlazing Arrow / Mca Records (Hip-Hop)
Shabazz PalacesSwerve... The Reeping Of All That Is Worthwhile
Black Up / Sub Pop Records

Serge GainsbourgBonnie and ClydeComic Strip / Mercury Records (College)
Surf CityCrazy Rulers Of The World
Kudos / Fire Records
Guilty PleasuresWhat Did You Find
Summer Strange / Dusty Medical Records
Wax IdolsBad Future
No Future / Hozac Records
Whispering Campaign, The / Self

Timber TimbreBlack Water
Creep On Creepin' On / Arts & Crafts
Galaxie 500When Will You Come HomeOn Fire / Rykodisc
Perfume GeniusHood
Put Your Back N 2 It / Matador Records
Toro Y MoiFreaking Out
Freaking Out / Carpark Records
the SoftiesSleep Away Your TroublesHoliday in Rhode Island / K Records
Zdenek LiskaAquatic Babicak (Song)
Malá Morská Víla / B-Music

Shizuku / 12k
Long HairThe Great Great Wig Factories Of Yore (I)
You Wrote These Songs After I Killed Your Physics Teacher / Forty-Seven Records
White HillsRobot Stomp
Frying On This Rock / Thrill Jockey Records
SujoSiem Burns
Sujo / Korperschwache / Inam Records
TuurdDoot Do Doot
I Wish My Wife Was This Dirty / Carbon Records
Bardo Pond + Tom CarterUntitled Ii
4/25/03 / Three Lobed Recordings