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Fri May 04, 2012 midnight - 4:30am 
BorboritesSunrise In An Opium Den At The End Of The World
District Of Noise Vol. 4 / Sonic Circuits
Terran / Inam Records
ComfortLost Mirror
Comfort / Fuck Music Productions
Disco InfernoFrom The Devil To The Deep Blue Sky
5 Eps, The / One Little Indian
SwansHow They SufferSoundtracks for the Blind / Atavistic/Truckstop Audio
EluviumUnder the Water It Glowed
Lambent Material / Temporary Residence

Stars of the Lid/Mccafferty...Low Level Listening: Part 1Per Asperta Ad Astra / Kranky
David SylvianA Fire in the Forest: RemixeGood Son Vs the Only Daugh, th / Samadhisound
SunloreGold Lyre
Sunlore / Cream Of Turner
White HillsRobot Stomp
Frying On This Rock / Thrill Jockey Records

Echo Ono / Thrill Jockey Records
Oren AmbarchiKnots
Audience Of One / Touch
Boyle11 November 2011
Auberhalb Des Wurmloch / Self
PyhaEnd Of Hyungga
Haunted House, The / Tumult
My DiscoYoung
Little Joy / Temporary Residence
True WidowJackyl
As High As The Highest Heavens And From The Center To The Circumference Of The E / Kemado Records
For AgainstProfileShelf Life / World Domination
His Name Is AliveUnderwaterAlways Stay Sweet / 4AD

Slow Dancing SocietyThe Delicate Sound Of Silence
Sound Of Lights When Dim, The / Hidden Shoal
EnMarble Steppe
Already Gone / Students Of Decay
Shizuku / 12k
Windy & CarlSpires
We Will Always Be / Kranky
Marcus FischerNearly There
Collected Dust / Tench
Marcus FischerCold Days
Collected Dust / Tench
Marcus FischerHalfway To Six
Collected Dust / Tench
Marcus FischerSpan
Collected Dust / Tench

Chris BrownGangsa
Iconicities / New World Records
Paintings For AnimalsAhni Hansa
Kristeater / Debacle Records
TecumsehWhen We Loved
Return To Everything / Beta-Lactam Ring Records
Zbigniew Antimatter / KarkowskiDivide By Zero
Divide By Zero / Antifrost Records
Bardo Pond + Tom CarterB1
4/23/03 / Three Lobed Recordings
Natalie BeridzeWhen Dreams Become Responsibility
Forgetfulness / Monika Enterprise