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Wed Aug 29, 2012 9am - noon 
Prince TebahChant Down BabylonCommunication Drums / Ernie B's Reggae
Drunken BastardsPosercrusherHells HeadbangersComp 4 / Hells Headbangers
Mojo Nixon & Skid RoperWash No Dishes No MoreBO DAY SHUS!!! / IRS
Children of TechnologyIt's Time to Face DoomsdayHells HeadbangersComp 4 / Hells Headbangers
Thunderf*ckRedwood City Sucks2012 Demo / self
Bad BiblesNearsightedBad Bibles /
SpazzSasquatch II - Leech's Himalayan AdventureSplit w. Subversion / na
Aaron DillowayTremorsModern Jester / Hanson
Lactose File 1VariousLactose File Archive / Crushed by Tanks

Interview w. Dakota Crane!Psychic MachinesThermoNuclear Interviews /

NjiqahddaTowers Constructed To Break The SkyTowers And Tides / E.E.E. Recordings
Shed DwellazFortune Tellers4 Track Archives Vol.1 / Crushed by Tanks
Music From The FilmAokigahara Forest
Vi Kommer Til Å Få Deg / Zero Moon
Killing JokeTensionPeel Sessions / BBC
Agenda of SwineDecimation of World Trade Through OrganizationWaves of Human Suffering / Relapse
Leon RedboneChampagne CharlieChanpagne Charlie / WB

Garri GarrinchaTrack 1Serbian Rock / na
AhabFathoms Deep BelowGiant, The / Napalm Records America
Man MantisHere's a NoiseHere's a Noise /
Redd KrossUglier
Researching The Blues / Merge Records
Odonis OdonisHollandaze
Hollandaze / Fatcat Records
GriefTime to Face Your ChakeHe's No Good to Me Dead / Game Two
Smith, Dr. LonnieDapper Dan
Healer, The / Pilgrimage Productions
False SacramentWeisenheimer SnortParadigm / Very Small Records