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Thu Dec 13, 2012 5pm - 6pm 
RefusedNew NoiseShape of Punk to Come, the / Epitaph Records

Circus LupusAnd You WonSolid Brass / Dischord
Black FlagWhat Can You Believe
Demos 1982 And More / None
the Jesus LizardLady ShoesLash / Touch and Go

Six Finger SatelliteParlour GamesSevere Exposure / Sub Pop Records
The Blood BrothersMarooned on Piano IslandThis Adultery Is Ripe / Second Nature Recordings
Turn Pale9 By 9
Kill the Lights / What Else? Records

Big BlackMy Disco (From The Headache 12" Ep/Cs Ep)It's Toasted / Touch and Go
FugaziForensic SceneRed Medicine / Dischord
the Crown Hate RuinEvery Minutes SuckerUntil the Eagle Grins / Dischord
Squirrel BaitVirgil's ReturnSkag Heaven / Drag City

Boys NoizeKontact Me
Power / Last Gang