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Thu Jun 13, 2013 6am - 9am 
J.D. AllenMass
Grace / Savant Records
J.D. AllenLoad Star
Grace / Savant Records
Wallace RoneyCombustible
Understanding / Highnote
Django Festival Allstars 2012Swing Gitan
Live At Birdland / Three's A Crowd

Roy Eldridge(Lookie, Lookie, Lookie) HerLittle Jazz / Columbia Records (Jazz)
Roy EldridgeWhen I Grow Too Old to DreamLittle Jazz / Columbia Records (Jazz)
Roy EldridgeChristopher ColumbusLittle Jazz / Columbia Records (Jazz)
StirrupSong For Salim
Sewn / 482 Music

Black HostAyler Children
Life In The Sugar Candle Mines / Northern Spy

Next CollectivePerth
Cover Art / Concord Jazz, Inc.
Rose & The NightingaleIt's So Beautiful
Spirit Of The Garden / Sunnyside Communications
Gilad HekselmanAbove
This Just In / Jazz Village

Mccoy TynerUptownInner Voices / Milestone Records
Mazurek, Rob OctetSkull Caves Of Alderon
Skull Sessions / Cuneiform Records
Bennett PasterBash Into Spring
Relentless Pursuit Of The Beautiful / Self Release

Art FarmerWork of ArtFarmer's Market / Fantasy / Landmark / Mileston

Eliane EliasCampari & SodaCross Currents / Blue Note
Michael DeaseGood & Terrible
Coming Home / D Clef
Marko Djordjevic & Sveti2007
Something Beautiful (1709-2110) / Goalkeeper

Chick CoreaFalling GraceIn Concert, Zurich. October 19 / Ecm Records (Usa)
Chick CoreaMirror, MirrorIn Concert, Zurich. October 19 / Ecm Records (Usa)
Larry CoryellMoment's NoticeToku Do / Muse Records
Mimi FoxI Can't Get Started
Standards Old And New / Origin Records

Douglas, Dave QuintetThe Pigeon And The Pie
Time Travel / Greenleaf Music
Aaron DiehlEpilogue
Bespoke Man's Narrative, The / Mack Avenue