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Sun Jun 16, 2013 3pm - 5pm 
Daniel BachmanGreen (Take Nine)Grey - Black - Green / Debacle Records
Chuck JohnsonOn A Slow Passing In Ghost Town
Crows In The Basilica / Three Lobed Recordings
Jozef Van WissemAmor Fati (Love Is A Religion)
Ex Patris / Important Records
ElehNight Of Pure Energy
Radiant Terminals / Important Records
The Race (Side B)Riverside StereophonicSounds of Sebring 1959 / Riverside Records
Deupree, Taylor & Fischer, MarcusBlanketing
In A Place Of Such Graceful Shapes / 12k

Roland, Mike, B.D., Boopsie, Mark, ZonkerPrologue/GraduationDoonesbury / Mca Records
Carlton MeltonCompany
Carlton Melton / Mugstar / Trensmat Records

The Designated MournerKonrad
Clarinet Quartets / Fedora Corpse Records
Richard PinhasCircle
Desolation Row / Cuneiform Records

Merzbow + NordvargrHeterotic String Hybrid
Partikel Iii / Cold Spring Records
Pure XWritten In The Slime
Crawling Up The Stairs / Acephale
Reuben SawyerConstricting Realities Iv
Constricting Realities / Constellation Tatsu
TCarlos ChavezSinfonia AntigoniaThe Six Symphonies of Carlos Chavez / CBS Masterworks

Scott & Charlene's WeddingBorn To Lose
Paravista Social Club / Critical Heights
Li XiMacro Garden
Macro Garden / 20 Sided Records
Blaise CendrarsProse Du Transsiberien Et DeProse Du Transsiberien Et De L / Folkways Records

Read, Kathleen DansonThe Turtle and the MonkeyRide with the Sun / Folkways Records
Music From The FilmBit
Bit/Crushface / None
StirrupIn Zenith 1
Sewn / 482 Music

NeedlecraftHaunted Car Chase
Needlecraft / Wantage Records
Django Festival Allstars 2012Swing Gitan
Live At Birdland / Three's A Crowd
Black HostHover
Life In The Sugar Candle Mines / Northern Spy