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Wed Jan 22, 2014 6pm - 9pm 
Black Sun EnsembleBlack Temple (Featuring Bridget Keating)
Behind Purple Clouds / Slow Burn Records
Actooon / Amper-O-MatSpanish Rotor
Ovulations / Slusaj Najglasnije!
Iron ForestI Eat The Things That You Throw Away
Sleepless Decay / Self
Primitive ManAstral Sleep
Scorn / Relapse Records
SwansHalf LifeCop / 422.k
Steve MartinSmoking: Mind If I FartLet's Get Small / Warner Bros. Records
Omen Ex Simulacra / Debemur Morti Productions
Nyodene DEdenfall
Edenfall / Malignant Records
Iris DementNo Time to CryMy Life / Warner Brothers (Modern)
DeathstenchCorpse Upon A Throne Of Wyrms
Massed In Black Shadow / Malignant Records

LycusComa Burn
Tempest / 20 Buck Spin
Electric WizardThe Sun Has Turned to Black
We Live / The Music Cartel
Will To LiveIdealizationWill to Live (12" 1986) / self
T.O.M.B.Disrupting Admin
Third Wave Holocaust / Malignant Records

Chaudelande / Rocket Recordings
LogaPorpoise And The Hare
Loga / Velocity Records (Usa)
F/INothing More than a HoaxOut of Space and Out of Time / Rrrecords
Sonic YouthConfusion Is NextConfusion Is Sex / Neutral Nine
Rot In Hell1.) Parthenogenesis 2.) Theodolite And Pendulum 3.) Poetry Of Worms
Rot In Hell | Psywarfare “Split” Lp / Magic Bullet Records
Wolves In The Throne RoomThuja Magus Imperium
Session 2011 Anno Domini / Southern Lord Recordings
Year Of No LightStella Rectrix
Tocsin / Debemur Morti Productions

Youth CodeLet The Sky Burn
Youth Code / Dais Records
Skinny PuppySolvent12" 45 / Nettwork 1984