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Sun Jul 06, 2003 noon - 3pm 
Rich, Robert - (on tour now)Lan TikuTemple of the Invisible [Document of a Lost Ritual] / Soundscape Productions
Haris AlexiouI Mangues Then Iparhoun PiaGreece: Dance of Heave / Capitol Records Inc.
Levent YukselSultanim
Rough Guide Turkey / World Music Network
Lila DownsArbol De La VidaTree of Life / Narada
the ClashStraight to HellEssential, the / Epic Records
Kirk, Rahsaan RolandPortrait of Those Beautiful LadiesDoes Your House Have Lions / Rhino Records
rf aka Ryan Fransesconi - www.are-f.comfluffinterno / odd shaped case
Plena LibreConsueloRough Guide Latin Danc / World Music Network
Cale, JohnEspanaDance Music: Nico the ballet / Detour
Cecil TaylorReinforced Concrete Parts 1, 2 & 3In East Berlin / Fmp Records
Thelonious MonkMonk's Point
Solo Monk / Columbia Records (College
Leikam, David "Bug" - Loves Another (and That's Ok)She Loves Another / Insectual Senses Productions & Research
The Tear Garden - www.subconsciousstudios.comTo Mourn the Death of ColourCrystal Mass / Nettwerk
Eve EgoyanTrois Nocturnes (1919)
Erik Satie Hidden Corners / Cbc Enterprises
Download (drg & ck) - www.subconsciousstudios.comTweeter Blower (1994)inception: the subconscious jamd 1994-1995 / Subconscious Communications