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Thu Aug 28, 2014 10pm - midnight 
the GatheringEleanor
Sleepy Buildings - a Semi-Acou / Century Media

KatatoniaTeargasLast Fair Deal Gone Down / Peaceville Records
the GatheringSaturnine
Sleepy Buildings - a Semi-Acou / Century Media
the GatheringThe Mirror WatersAlways / Pavement Music
InsomniumSong of the Forlorn Son
Since the Day It All Came Down / Candlelight Records
InsomniumLast Statement
Above The Weeping World / Candlelight Usa
MastodonThe Mortherload
Once More Round The Sun / Reprise Records

Ash BorerDescended Lamentations
Cold Of Ages / Profound Lore

DarkthroneTransilvanian HungerTransilvanian Hunger / Peaceville Records
DarkthroneKathaarian Life CodeA Blaze in the Northern Sky / Peaceville Records
ImmortalMy DimensionDamned in Black / Osmose Productions
KataklysmWorld of TreasonSorcery / Nuclear Blast America

The Elysian Fields...And The Everdawn Faded Away...We The Enlightened / Black Lotus
DispatchedOneNA / NA
NortherFinal CountdownDreams of Endless War / Spinefarm Records

NortherMirror of MadnessMirror of Madness / Spinefarm Records
The HourglassDareThrough Darkness and Light / Self Released
The HourglassIn RemembranceThrough Darkness and Light / Self-Released
Swallow the SunThe Morning that Never CameThe Morning that Never Came / Spinefarm Records