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Wed Jan 21, 2015 10pm - 1am 
Sten Sandell & Paal Nilssen-LoveKauri
Jacana / Rune Grammofon
Siavash AminiMaria Timofeyevna Pt. 2
What Wind Whispered To The Trees / Future Sequence
Dirty BeachesStateless
Stateless / Zoo Music

FauresAsthenospheric Movement IiiContinental Drift / Home Normal
Andrea BelfiSu Linee Rette
Natura Morta / Miasmah Records

Andrew WeathersLast Light At Sonora Pass
Raised High In Badwater Basin / Basic Sounds
Tapes And TopographiesPerth
Tapes And Topographies / Simulcra Records
Jordan De La SierraTemple Of Asethetic Action
Gymnosphere: Song Of The Rose / Numero Group

Steve RodenFeeling, Smelling, Tasting
Flower & Water / Dragon's Eye Recordings
Anthony PirogThe New Electric
Palo Colorado Dream / Cuneiform Records

Cluster & FarnbauerServiceLive In Vienna 1980 / Important Records
Justin MerrittAlbum Leaves - Mosquito
Blender / Innova Recordings
Duane PitreThe Ensemble Chord In Eb With A Minor 7th And A Pump Organ BaseOrganized Pitches Occuring In Time / Important Records