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Wed Sep 17, 2003 3am - 5am 
Dark FuneralGoddess of SodomyDiabolis Interium / Necropolis Records
Das IchSchwanenschreiRe_Laborat / Metropolis Records
Thought IndustryThe Chalice VermillionSongs for Insects / Metal Blade
MinistryBrockenAnimositisomina / Sanctuary Records
Sylvi MaccormacPenny: a Process
Presence 3 / Pep Records
In FlamesWatch Them Feed
Trigger / Nuclear Blast
slayerdead skin maskslayer live / american
WuhlingSmileyExtra 6 / Touch and Go
CrematoryDreamsJust Dreaming / Massacre Records
VnvnationElectronautFutureperfect / Metropolis Records
suicide commandosee you in hellstored images / off beat
Tarantula HawkoneTarantula Hawk / Life Is Abuse
DefiledUncovered PlotsUgliness Revealed / Necropolis Records
Circle of Dead ChildrenTwo-Week NoticeGenocide Machine, the / Necropolis Records
ImpaledCarneous CacoffinyChoice Cuts / Necropolis Records
kompressorfist of fearcrush television / kompressor records
kompressordo not play with firecrush television / kompressor records
kompressorvitamins are goodcrush television / kompressor records
kompressorrappers we crushcrush television / kompressor records