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Sun Nov 02, 2003 9pm - midnight 
ILC Crewcikee's songmine /
Jahi and Bill the Pharmaciztchildren's songsing;e /
Rashaan Ahmadwe canwhat about us / hardknock records
urban renewal prgram ... atmospherefearsampler / score
azeemgrogzgrand theft audio / hip hop slam
zion Ithe drilldeep water slang vol 2 /
kindred feat usrula ruckerwetlove / the family soul
lauren hillex factor12" / ruffhouse
T LoveCleanWho Smoked Sunshine / Astralwerks
guruwatch what you say chucky remix12" / empire records
Jurassic 5LpFree / Interscope Records (Hiphp
Frank n Dankma dukes12"` / white label
dj designfloetic remixgather round remixes / look records
Foreign Legionvoodoo star12" / ;ook records
Jaylibthe red12" / champion sound
nasthe flyest12" / columbia records
dj king most______ / ___
Black MoonCleanStay Real / Duck Down Records
Powers that Be / Hieroglyphics Imperium
Aesop RockThe Greatest Pac Man.. CleanFreeze / Def Jux
Prozack TurnerRmx CleanFeelin My Steelo / Fat Beats
Party Fun Action CommitteeI Should Have Known CleanBeer / Def Jux
TajaiRadioDum Dum, the / Hieroglyphics Imperium
Jeru that DamajaRadioWar / Ashenafi
Z-Mutiny / Hieroglyphics Imperium
DiverseOrigExplosive / Chocolate Industries
Abstract RudeCleanAin't Nothing to It / Basement Records
Jedi Mind TricksCleanKublai Khan / Babygrande
DJ King Mostlive / --------------------->
K otixworkd renou\wn12" / BUDs
Lacedeboomcut that weak12" / white label
molemenknow the bitness12" / Freschest
cunninglinguistsseasons12" / freschest
erulethe real me12" / white
big drochoose one12" / goodvibe
mobb deepshook ones12" / epic
Ghostfacemighty breathy12" / white
To mykeworld renown12" / guess why
self scitentificlong run12" / white
square 1payz to come12" / landspeed
emanondo you know12" / ill boogie
Daily Planetwhy you wanna12" / all natural records
strange fruitall the way12" / kajmere
a teembood bro12" / project blowed
tribe called questI C U12" / Jive
Prozakwonderful kife12" / Dream Works
profileback to basics12" / illicit records
DJ Wickedlive / ---------------------------->
pete rockl and c L smoothin the house12" / white
A tribe called queston two shit12' / jive
de la soulafro connections at a Hi 512" / tommy boy
Intelligent Hoodlumstreet life ( return of the life mix)12" / white
InIprops12" / soul brother records
Yaggfu Frontslappin suckas silly12" / white
KRS Oneoutta here12" / jive
KRS Onereturn of the boom bap12" / jive
Del theFunky Homosapiencatch a bad one12" / white
King SunOnce upon a time12" / gold label
Lords of the UNdergroundfunky child12" / white
House of Painput your head out12" / white
All city productionsunsolved Mysterme12" / white
Red ManRater R12" / Capitol
Black Moonwho got the props12" / nervous records
3rd bassthe gass face12" / white
Nubian Crackers feat artifactsdo you wanna hear it12" / white
Brand Nubianall for one tramp remix12" / white
art of originunration-al12" / white
original flavorcan i get open12" / white
showbiz & AGa giant in the mental12" / white
Mad Kapda whole Kit & Kaboodle12" / white
ICe Cubeamerkka's most wanted inst.12" / death row
kero onethe cycle repeats12' / white
peace out =Dj / ___________________________