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Mon Nov 03, 2003 midnight - 3am 
Aesop RockDaylightLabor Days / Def Jux
Roosevelt FranklinInsomnia 411 (featuring Slug and Jean Grae)Something's Gotta Give / Third Earth Music
AtmosphereTrying to Find a BalanceSeven's Travels / Rhymesayers Ent
Brother AliStar QualityShadows on the Sun / Rhymesayers Ent
CanibusShowtime at the GallowRip the Jacker / Babygrande
Brother AliBlah, Blah BlahShadows on the Sun / Rhymesayers Ent
Mr LifLive From the PlantationI Phantom / Def Jux
Mc Paul BarmanThe Joy of Your WorldIt's Very Stimulating / Wordsound Recordings
CexNot WorkingBeing Ridden / Temporary Residence
C Rayz WalzGun and ButterRavipops / Def Jux
Z-Mutiny / Hieroglyphics Imperium
Deltron 3030LpVirus / 75 Ark
Ultramagnetic Mc'sYo BlackFour Horsemen, the / Wild Pitch (Hip-Hop)
Aesop RockInstFreeze / Def Jux
Powers that Be / Hieroglyphics Imperium
Prozack TurnerRmx InstFeelin My Steelo / Fat Beats
Black MoonInstStay Real / Duck Down Records
Jeru that DamajaInstWar / Ashenafi
TajaiInstDum Dum, the / Hieroglyphics Imperium
DiverseOrigExplosive / Chocolate Industries
Party Fun Action CommitteeDirtyBeer / Def Jux
Evolution Control CommitteeRocked By RapeRocked By Rape / Eerie Materials
Mc Lars HorrisMake Way for DucklingsRadio Pet Fencing / Truck Records
T Evolution Control CommitteeRebel Without a Pause (WhippWhipped Cream Mixes, the / Eerie Materials
Chuck DMistachuckAutobiography of Mistachuck / Mercury Records (Hiphop)
Run DmcProud to Be BlackRaising Hell / Profile Records