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Wed Nov 26, 2003 6pm - 9pm 
William BurroughsA Thanksgiving PrayerDead City Radio / (Unknown)
CulturcideRock'n'Roll ProgramHome Made Authority / none
Georgie LeonardErnie the Narc
Only in America VOL.2 / Arf Arf Records
Black Randy and the Metro SquadI Slept In An ArcadePass the Dust I Think I'm Bowie / Dangerhouse
Manic HispanicMexican Society
Wasted / Byo Records
Neil HamburgerLaugh Out LordLaugh Out Lord / Drag City
Great at 8ScornGreen Machine / Howes Head Records
Teachers in Space / Broken Rekids
Peter and the Test Tube BabiesElvis Is DeadTest Tube Trash / Doctor Strange Records
Zero Tolerance Task ForcePatriots to a Dead Nation
Punk Rockery / Purple Hero Distributors
Atom SmashersDildo
Drop the Bomb / Rip Off Records
Neptune30 Feet of Rope
Mister Records Comp / Mister Records
Arrington De Dionyso and the OMirror
Varieties of Religious Experie / K Records
the LocustYour Mantel Disguised As a P
Plague Soundscapes / Anti Inc.
San Xavier Fiddle BandPan Tak Special
Dancing in the Dust / Blue Bhikku Records
Sonic YouthTeenage RiotDaydream Nation / Enigma
Sonic YouthInhumanConfusion is Sex / SST
Sonic YouthThe World Looks RedConfusion is Sex / SST
Absolutes / Load Records
Robin WilliamsPoem Written on AcidWow Reality...What a Concept / Casablanca
Curse of the Golden VampireIron Ghetto Man Crusher
Mass Destruction / Ipecac Records
Themselves Remixed Odd NosdamYou Devil You
No Music of Aiffs, the / Anticon
Kid KoalaRadio Nufonia
Some of My Best Friends Are Dj / Ninja Tune
Big StickDrag RacingCrack Attack / Blast First
Black FlagSlip It InSlip It In / SST
Liquid CopG.Dub From Mah Feet Up
Data So Nice I Saved It Twice / Independent
Young Sexy AssassinsFor Ever and Ever
May Day in the Garden of Memor / Mister Records
Holy Ghost RevivalHot Love in a Berlin BombsheHot Love in a Berlin Bombshelt / Burn Burn Burn
Anna OxygenScientist
All Your Faded Things / Cold Crush Records
the CurtainsBummer with Cakes
Flybys / Thin Wrist
Fossie and the UnicornsSnow Machine
Bulb Singles #2 / Bulb Records
Flying TesticleArturos IslandSpace Desia / Charnel House Productions
Esplendor GeometricoLa Ciudad De Los Heroes Rojo1980-1982 / Staaltape Usa
ForcefieldTrack 4
Lord of the Rings Modulator / Bulb Records
Gang of FourI Love a Man in a UniformSongs of the Free / WB
The FallNo Christmas for John QuaysTotales Turn / (bootleg)
Die KruezenPainDie Kruezen / Touch and Go
Die KruezenSick PeopleDie Kruezen / Touch and Go
Die KruezenHate MeDie Kruezen / Touch and Go
Dali's DaughterCold WarAmuck / Placebo
Jody Foster's ArmyBouncerAmuck / Placebo
Meat PuppetsUnpleasantAmuck / Placebo
Paris 1942She CrackedAmuck / Placebo
Lenny bruceCompletely ExposedWhat I Got Arrested For / Douglass
Les Georges LeningradLollipop Lady
Deux Hot Dogs Moutarde Chou / Blow the Fuse
Experimental Dental SchoolThe Deer Love Heavy Metal
Hideous Dance Attack!!! / Independent
Ho AgMaine
Equals Go at / Mister Records
Daughters!And Then the C.H.U.D.S Came
Canada Songs / Robotic Empire
FacedowninshitStepping Away
Shit Bloody Shit / Crimes Against Humanity